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Millions of people all over the world use Brainly, which is a good school aid. It mostly talks about a huge database of answers to homework questions and a group that can help you solve your problems. Because Brainly camera is so famous, many other apps have been made to compete with it.

There are many different Brainly alternatives, from Q&A programs to online tutoring. Some apps are better made than others, so be careful when you choose one. Check out these app references before you download them.

Best Apps Like Brainly for Android to Help with Homework

Students at all levels often use Brainly camera, Quora, and Socratic to help them finish their schoolwork. In reality, they can choose from many other apps that do similar things, like Bartleby, Photomath, Symbolab, and others.

1. Quora


If you have questions, go to Quora. This Q&A tool has been used by a lot of people to learn more about science, technology, math, social issues, and everything else. Just ask a question, and someone will answer it for you. Quora is also on the website, and it is very similar to Brainly. Both apps and websites can be used on a variety of devices, so it’s easy to find good answers on any device. Also, like Brainly camera, this site has a simple, easy-to-use interface to give you the best experience.

If you read a feed and think you know the right answers, don’t be shy about telling other people. Submit your trustworthy answers and help others learn. You can also follow topics and look around for material that interests you. Quora is made for you, whether you need solutions from real people or just want to share your own experiences and information. This app is just like Brainly, but it’s free and you can’t buy anything inside it. With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, it’s worth a try.

Download on Google Play

2. Course Hero

Course Hero app


Another app, like Brainly, called Course Hero, will help you answer questions based on your textbook. This app is made for people who need quick answers to their homework questions 24/7. With expert helpers and teachers, you’ll never get stuck on your work again. With Course Hero, you can get videos, tips, and hints to help you understand a subject and answer homework questions quickly. It helps you think more clearly and solve problems, and it gives you more confidence.

Course Hero has a math answer camera that lets you take a picture of a math question and get free answers. This is useful for math tasks. You will also get instructions on how to solve the problems so that you can learn from them. This app helps you get the most out of your study time and get better grades.

On your Android device, you can use Course Hero to study a lot of course-specific papers, save materials to your library, and get access to tools even when you’re not online. You will get alerts when new tools are added. This app makes it easy to find literature. Just look through the library of textbooks, which is growing all the time, and you’ll find answers to your problems. Course Hero is free to download, which is good news. If you want more tools, you can buy them inside the app.

Download on Google Play

3. iMath

brainly alternative

iMath is an online teaching app that can help you solve math problems. If you install this app, you can talk to teachers who know the answers and will explain them in detail. iMath provides a good place for both teachers and students to learn more about math.

Just ask your questions and let teachers or other students find the answers for you. You can also try to answer questions that other users post. This app is similar to Brainly camera. For your convenience, it has a built-in camera that lets you take a photo of a math question and post it. So, you don’t have to type the question every time. The follow button lets you keep up with your best teacher, which is a good thing about iMath. You can also give them a score to show how well they did.

Download on Google Play

4. Bartleby

brainly alternative

Bartleby is an app that is made to help you with your tasks. With so many pros, it’s easy to get help with your schoolwork. The best thing about it is that it can be used for any topic, from math to science to English to history. Once the app is on your device, you can start looking for texts and study help. You can also take a picture and send a message to the expert. The results will be sent to your phone in up to 30 minutes. When the answer is ready, you will be told.

These pros are available around the clock, so you can always count on them. Bartleby also has a strong search function that lets you find answers and solutions in its library. Not only that, but the library has a huge number of answers to course questions. But each month, you can only ask up to 30 questions. You have to pay for the contract, but you can stop it at any time without being charged. Bartleby is the one you shouldn’t miss if you don’t mind spending money on tasks.

Download on Google Play

5. Socratic by Google

brainly alternative

Have you had trouble doing your schoolwork? Socrates can help you keep your head. This app from Google is a homework helper that uses AI to help you understand any schoolwork up to university level. Send in your question, and Socratic will find the best places to find the answer. Socratic can help if a parent doesn’t want their child to cheat on their homework. Instead of giving a straight answer, it gives the kids links to websites where they can learn about the ideas. Best of all, it works for most high school and college topics.

Socratic has many important features and is one of the best apps, similar to Brainly. For example, it makes it easy to find by using the camera or your mouth, so you don’t have to type the question. It also puts all the information you need, like movies, papers, and explanations, in one place. If you’re worried about trustworthiness, it’s good to know that Socratic worked with experts to give you visual descriptions of every subject, so it’s easier to understand. It can help you with math, trigonometry, biology, or science, no matter what you need help with. Socratic is a free app like Brainly that has been downloaded over 10 million times. This is all you need to do your homework because it has nice pictures and clear explanations.

Download on Google Play

6. Symbolab


Symbolab is a useful tool to help you learn math because it is made to solve math questions. It has a professional computer and a math scanner that will help you solve your math questions. Just scan your questions, and the solutions will appear right away. 200 million students have used this app, which is like Brainly, to finish their tasks and understand math questions. You will not only get answers but also explanations that will help you learn more about equations, geometry, integrals, calculus, functions, matrices, and many other topics.

Once you’ve gotten it, you can take a picture of a math problem, and this app will help you figure out how to solve it. Thanks to clear, step-by-step explanations that make it easier to understand the issues, If you get similar questions again, you’ll know how to answer them. The layout of Symbolab makes it easy to use. The scientific and strong calculator has a lot of different symbols that make it easier to do calculations. Just pick a topic, and it will give you a list of symbols to choose from. With this app on your phone or tablet, it will feel like you have a personal teacher with you at all times. Kids in high school and college can learn more effectively with the help of this AI-powered personalized learning app.

Download on Google Play

7. Camera Math

Camera Math

Camera Math is a good homework helper app that focuses on answering math questions. Every student should have it. Just take a picture of the question, and it will tell you what the best answers are. Millions of students currently use this app, and you could be the next.

This tool for learning math covers a wide range of topics, including trigonometry, algebra, arithmetic, calculus, and more. It is made to make learning math more fun, easy to understand, and straightforward. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out a math problem because Camera Math is there to help. How does it work? Apps like Brainly only ask you to take a picture of your math problem, much like the majority of school help apps. Camera Math will understand your math questions and give you the best answers. It gives you a taste of what it would be like to have a private teacher.

No matter if you are in high school or college, Camera Math has what you need. It has different math questions for all levels with different ways to solve them. The best part is that it gives thorough answers to help you understand better. Another good thing about Camera Math is that it keeps a record of all the searches you’ve done in the past. Feel free to look at them whenever you want. Plus, there won’t be any ads to bother you. You can get Camera Math for free and make purchases inside the app if you want to.

Download on Google Play

8. Photomath


Photomath is a great app like Brainly that can help you do your math problems. Millions of students at all levels use this helpful learning tool to do their homework and study for tests. Even so, it helps people learn numbers that they haven’t seen before.

This great app gives you a basic answer with step-by-step instructions so you can understand the idea and solve the same problem again in the future. Plus, this service is free, though a paid version is offered. Photomath has a lot of important parts. You will not only get full explanations but also guidance on how to do word problems. Graphs and movies that you can interact with make learning math more fun and clear.

Photomath is also great because it has more than one way to solve a problem. With this tool, you can find out how to solve a math problem in different ways. This helps you improve your ability to think critically and solve problems, as well as your understanding of how math methods work. As a plus, this Brainly alternative has a scientific tool that is more advanced than the one on Brainly. If you need to do math, you can use this tool instead of the calculator app that came with your phone. Photomath helps with many kinds of math, like algebra, series, trigonometry, and so on.

Download on Google Play

9. Gauthmath


Gauthmath is a math-focused app like Brainly. It is a good choice if you need an app like Brainly but for math. It offers step-by-step answers to your math schoolwork and has online tutors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, math professionals who provide accurate and reliable answers back it up. This powerful network helper uses pictures of your questions to do its job. With this app, all you have to do is take a picture of the question, and you’ll get step-by-step replies in just a few minutes. Thanks to experts who work hard and are always ready to help you,

Gauthmath brings you a lot of different things. It claims to solve your math problems and walk you through each step so you can understand the idea. It can do any math problem, even the hardest ones, with ease. This math homework helper covers a wide range of math topics, such as algebra, functions, geometry, calculus, statistics, and many more. Not only does it help you learn better, but it also helps you get a better grade at school. Gauthmath is free to use, and it works well on all kinds of devices. It lets you get the most out of the app by letting you buy things inside it.

Download on Google Play

10. Mathway


Mathway lets you scan your math questions and find the answers. It claims to be the world’s best math computer and can solve problems in calculus, algebra, geometry, and many other math fields. This app gives you access to math answers that are clear and easy to understand. It makes complicated ideas easier to understand, so you can get the point. It is very easy to use Mathway on your Android device.

Point your camera at your homework and take a picture of it. It will send the solutions and step-by-step descriptions a few minutes later. On Google Play, you can get Mathway for free. But if you want to use more powerful tools, you can buy them inside the app.

Download on Google Play


With apps like Brainly, which make you feel like you have a personal teacher in your pocket, you’ll never get stuck on your homework again. You can use these apps to help you with your schoolwork in math, science, physics, and other subjects.

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