15 Best Appfolio Alternatives Free Property Manager in 2023

AppFolio is a flexible property management solution that may meet a variety of real estate management requirements. It has capabilities for property marketing, leasing management, tracking upkeep, and financial reporting. AppFolio provides an integrated platform for property owners, managers, and investors to ensure that all real estate investment operations operate smoothly.

AppFolio enables landlords to conduct online credit and background checks on candidates. When you can handle rent payments online, you don’t have to do things by hand. By keeping a receipt database, the owner can keep track of their rental property’s cash flow. All lease agreements are completed online, and tenants may easily contact building management if they have any issues.

There are a number of good programs available that provide the same range of functions as AppFolio. And deciding which one is the finest might be difficult. Fortunately, we have you covered with our selected lists of appfolio competitors products to meet your specific job demands, replete with features and costs.

What is AppFolio?

AppFolio is a real estate technology firm that provides innovative software, services, and data analytics. Our industry-specific, cloud-based business management solutions are intended to assist our clients in digitally transforming their enterprises, dealing with vital business activities, and providing great customer service. Furthermore, we provide a variety of Value+ services aimed at improving, automating, and streamlining important operations.


  • Simple to use
  • Improve the lease and tenant management processes.
  • Repair any maintenance concerns.
  • Online search for renter history

15 Best Appfolio Alternatives Free Property Manager in 2023

Checkout top 15 Best Appfolio Alternatives Free Property Manager in 2023. Take a look please:

1. Agora

agora real estate

2. Cash Flow Portal

Cash Flow Portal

SyndicationPro is real estate fundraising software that provides a variety of capabilities for managing investors and collecting funds more quickly. Lead screening, note-taking, email correspondence, marketing automation, and tracking investor activity logs are among the capabilities available. SyndicationPro also provides regular updates to investors as well as faster profit computation and distribution. By automating the whole fundraising process, you can swiftly conclude your investment round using SyndicationPro. This app is included in the best appfolio competitors in 2023.

Juniper Square is an investor management platform that aims to provide access to private investment opportunities. They provide GPs and LPs with a centralized view of all partnership information. Transparency and efficiency in relationships with partners and investors are improved as a result. Investor reporting, a CRM, an investor portal, and an insights tool are all available on the platform. So far, the firm has handled 1800 general partners, 500,000 investor accounts, and $700 billion in equity.

The IMS from RealPage is intended to improve investor transparency and interactivity. Combining performance metrics, CRM functionality, document exchange, and a platform for finding new investment opportunities achieves this. The IMS dashboard provides a consolidated picture of each investor’s portfolio and performance data. By marketing to investors, disseminating transaction paperwork, processing electronic signatures, and accepting payments, the platform minimizes the time and effort required to raise stock. This app is included in the best appfolio competitors in 2023.

InvestNext is a real estate investing platform that provides a single workspace for managing your real estate syndication’s whole life. The platform has a slew of capabilities, including automatic transactions, performance data, personalized insights, and document and tax statement sharing. It also assists you in raising finance and closing transactions by developing interactive deal sites where your investors can view all of your project details, images, and videos, as well as market updates.

8. Visual Matrix PMS

Visual Matrix PMS

Since its inception in 2000, Visual Matrix has been at the forefront of the hotel industry with its revolutionary property management systems. Among the company’s clients are hotels and resorts from all around the world. Visual Matrix’s all-in-one property management system (PMS) provides hotel operators with more than just a streamlined front desk solution. It also has a robust revenue analysis tool that can be leveraged to produce additional money. This app is included in the best appfolio competitors in 2023.

9. RentRedi



RentRedi, like TenantCloud, is a low-cost property management software aimed at small independent landlords. Provides landlords with online and mobile apps for collecting rent, listing homes, and screening renters. Tools for handling maintenance requests are included. Live customer service is available. There is no accounting solution or QuickBooks interface. RentRedi instead collaborates with REI Hub, for which customers must pay an extra price ($15–99/month depending on the number of units). RentRedi’s monthly price begins at $19.95.

10. Stayflexi


Stayflexi, a cloud-based hotel management system, may improve a hotel’s bottom line. This technique saves hotels money by allowing them to make direct reservations without paying commissions to internet travel agencies and other intermediaries. Because of the way it is constructed, it is simple to use for both hotel visitors and personnel. Stayflexi is ideal for any hotel, whether it has a single location or hundreds of sites throughout the world. This software is included in the best appfolio competitors in 2023.

11. Property Meld

Property Meld

Property Meld, an intelligent and all-inclusive web-based property maintenance software, may help you manage the duties you face on a daily basis. If you want to take better care of your property, this platform appears to be your best choice. It makes changing things simple, keeps track of everything, and keeps everything in good condition. Property Meld facilitates communication between renters, service providers, and building owners.

12. Entrata


Entrata has grown to be one of the most popular and significant pieces of property management software because it makes the duties of property managers and owners easier. Because the platform has various high-tech features, the renewal offer procedure will be simple. Entrata eliminates all potential points of failure by providing a one-stop shop for management, marketing, leasing, residents, and any other service. You can manage things like price, reputation, and more with the aid of Entrata. This app is included in the best appfolio competitors in 2023.

13. Hostaway


Hostaway is a web-based management platform for vacation rental channels. Users may manage bookings, inventory, and pricing across distribution channels. By allowing users to mix information from many channels, the platform makes setup easier. Customers may therefore link several Airbnb accounts and have their listings, bookings, rates, and other preferences automatically synchronized.

14. Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is a strong tool for home and business management. By using this application on a single device, users can centralize property management and increase efficiency. Managers may use it to manage weekly or daily tasks and ensure they are on track. Property managers may use this software to stay in touch with residents and possible new clients in order to maintain the ones they already have and get more. This software is included in the best appfolio competitors in 2023.

15. WebRezPro


WebRezPro is a cloud-based property management system designed for hotels, campsites, and vacation rentals of all sizes and types. It has an online booking engine and interfaces and relationships with numerous third-party businesses. It includes an online hotel reservation system that allows users to provide discounts to travel agencies or returning clients, encourage last-minute room sales, and even create last-minute reservation packages that combine rooms and activities. Users have complete freedom to do anything they wish.


1. Is AppFolio a software-as-a service company?

Yes, AppFolio is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) firm specializing in cloud-based property management services and data analytics for the real estate market.

2. Is AppFolio’s API available to the public?

There is no available API for AppFolio. This implies that AppFolio cannot be readily integrated with another property management solution.

3. Does AppFolio offer payroll services?

Because AppFolio lacks a payroll component, you must use another accounting application to process payroll.

4. Can residential software be used to manage commercial properties?

While you may utilize residential software for business investing, it usually requires a lot of manual work outside of the system in spreadsheets. Residential software is typically not designed to manage all of the complexities of commercial properties.

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