15 Best Bloglovin Alternatives & Competitors

Bloglovin is a paid web service and social media management tool for keeping track of your favorite blogs. People may effortlessly follow their favorite blogs using this website. This website offers a variety of blogs, including beauty, food and drink, fashion, and home décor. The Bloglovin website is a modern and opulent approach to locating intriguing material.

For access to the blog on this website, simply create an account and log in. Users may not only read blogs but also comment on them after logging in. Bloggers may simply boost their content rating and grow their readership with the aid of this Bloglovin service.

What is Bloglovin?

Bloglovin is an internet service that allows you to start a blog and share your content with the rest of the world. The service is excellent, and you may use it for free if you so choose. While the site has been up and operating for years, its popularity skyrocketed once Instagram launched its “blog-like network.” As we all know, Facebook also launched comparable capabilities for its users. Finally, people want to be able to share their interests and material from many sources in one spot. That’s exactly what Bloglovin provides for its users.

The service allows you to build a blog where you can add your Instagram posts and photographs, as well as those from other social network accounts. The service also provides an intriguing collection of data that might assist you in getting to know your readers better. Bloglovin also allows you to monetize your site with advertisements.

Bloglovin Alternatives

Here are best sites similar to Bloglovin that allow you to follow and share content with friends. Because there are so many different types of readers, what they offer and how they function vary greatly.

1. Feedly


Feedly is a free news and magazine reader application created by the Feedly team. People may arrange their publications and news by using this app, in addition to reading them. Users may use this software to learn about new topics, track brands, companies, and keywords, and read blogs. People may add their favorite YouTube channels, podcasts, and magazines to collections they make in this app. This program offers users detailed information on their YouTube channels, collections, online journals, productions, and private lives.

When you click the title of an item while browsing your feed, it will take you to a new page where you can read it in full! Feedly, unlike Bloglovin’, does not allow you to tell short tales. The site, on the other hand, is fully adjustable, and you may alter a number of parameters to make it seem different from the initial design.

2. StumbleUpon


StumbleUpon is an amazing alternative to Bloglovin in that it allows you to follow all the newest updates of blogs or news items on any topic of your choosing. It is a free service that allows you to find the most fascinating stuff on the internet. All you have to do is look for the StumbleUpon option on your browser. Then, according to your preferences, modify the parameters. You may locate blog posts or news stories from other users or major websites like Digg, Reddit, and others right here! After you’ve pursued any of these choices, you may go back and look at them whenever you like.

3. Visitmotion

Visitmotion management tool

People may read their favorite blogs on Visitmotion, a free magazine and news-reading website. This site offers blogs on a variety of themes, including beauty, food and drink, fashion, and home décor. People keep track of blogs, RSS feeds, Twitter searches, Facebook pages, and email newsletters on this website. You may build collections and add your favorite podcasts, YouTube channels, and periodicals to the site. This app is listed among the best Bloglovin alternatives in 2023.

4. The Old Reader

Bloglovin Alternatives

The Old Reader is a free news and book reading service that allows you to read news and articles. Because this site is accessible from everywhere on the globe, people can view information from it at any time and from any location. Users must establish accounts in order to read information on this site. The website is accessible via Web, Symbian, macOS, iOS, Linux, and Windows phones. If the web page URL is substituted for the direct feed URL, this app is listed among the best Bloglovin alternatives in 2023.

5. Flipboard 

Bloglovin Alternatives

Flipboard is an online application that allows users to read news and social networking items in a visually appealing manner. Many people have already embraced it on the market, and it has won various honors since its debut. It’s divided into three sections. “News,” which displays all of the material from news websites, blogs, and social media, as well as unidirectional feeds (similar to a Facebook timeline) and magazines (“Flipboard”).

The user can choose the source of his or her interests among categories and subcategories. On the one hand, under “Social,” you can view all social networks that are linked to your Flipboard account (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). And the other on your devices (for example, WhatsApp). The third main segment is titled “What Others Are Reading” and is made up of a single feed. In which you may see what your Flipboard pals are reading.

6. Tiny Tiny RSS

Bloglovin Alternatives

Tiny Andrew Dolgov created Tiny RSS, a free book, magazine, and news reading tool. You may follow your favorite articles with the aid of this app at any time and from any location. This app does not require any third-party software to read news and stories. This program supports OPML import and export, podcasts, and deduplication. This program has social network plug-ins that allow you to share material like RSS feeds and URLs.

7. Reeder

Bloglovin Alternatives

Reeder is a paid reading tool and application that people may use on their Mac and iPhone to read material and files. People may simply browse internet news and articles on a regular basis by using this app. This app allows users to preview the article’s images without having to access the content. All of this app’s new pages are on the left side, and each of these pages has a list of news items. This app is listed among the best Bloglovin alternatives in 2023.

8. ZergNet

ZergNet is a free news and magazine reading service that allows you to discover new content. People may read articles on a variety of topics using this website without difficulty. This website’s article themes include sports, movies, lifestyle, gaming, food and drink, and entertainment. All of the topics are divided into parts, so you may jump to the section that interests you. You must log in with your email address to become a permanent user of this site. This app is listed among the best Bloglovin alternatives in 2023.

9. Tumblr


Many bloggers use Tumblr as an alternative to Bloglovin, but if you’re already on the network, we don’t see why you should switch. Tumblr is another blogging platform that allows bloggers and their followers to interact. Each post may be reblogged, which enhances traffic or might create new debates regarding your content or others in your field. The service has been available for some years. It has grown over time to incorporate a plethora of features that are sure to entice any blogger seeking the best platform for sharing their material.

10. Inoreader


Innologica’s Inoreader is a free news and magazine reading application. People may regulate their news stream without any restrictions with the aid of this software. This program allows you to customize news and watch it in an unfiltered format. People may track RSS feeds, blogs, Twitter searches, email newsletters, and Facebook pages with this software. You can monitor all updates and keep track of terms by using active searches. This app is listed among the best Bloglovin alternatives in 2023.

11. Reddit


Reddit is yet another social site where users may share interesting information. Anything from news headlines to movies or photographs that are then up-voted or down-voted by other users depending on their preferences This way, you may learn about the most popular stuff from around the web. You can also submit your posts for others to see. Many businesses have utilized Reddit to attract a larger audience, particularly in advertising, but it also serves as a fantastic source of real-time information on a variety of issues.

Technology, TV series, news events, and so forth Reddit may also be used as a social bookmarking platform. All you have to do is save your favorite or recently seen links from the web to read later. You will be able to read the top stories published on any topic you are interested in and share your favorites with your friends and other site users in this manner. This app is listed among the best Bloglovin alternatives in 2023.

12. QuiteRSS


QuiteRSS is a free, cross-platform web service for news aggregation for Atom news feeds and RSS. This website is available in several languages, including Portuguese, German, Japanese, Polish, and Vietnamese. It is the most comfortable and quick news reading site, and it is available on a variety of systems, including Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Furthermore, this website does not require any installation, so you may use it on any device. This app is listed among the best Bloglovin alternatives in 2023.

13. Liferea

Liferea is a free book and news reading website where you may find the content you want. All of the tales on this website are structured so that viewers can simply search for and read their favorite stories. This website includes a web browser and desktop mail programs. The site enables offline reading, so users do not need to connect to the internet to read information from this site. It provides the ability to save indefinitely. This app is listed among the best Bloglovin alternatives in 2023.

14. NewsBlur


NewsBlur is a free app for reading news and magazines created by NewsBlur, Inc. People may read numerous news stories and articles on this app. This program automatically hides uninteresting stories and emphasizes interesting ones. Because the app supports real-time RSS, stories are displayed on the feed shortly after they are published. It offers a full-text search capability that allows readers to discover their favorite tales by name. To use NewsBlur, you must first register an account, which isn’t always a bad thing. Because they provide functionality similar to competing services while remaining free. The nicest part about NewsBlur is that you can save your feeds to view them later. You may also select particular topics of interest to see on various days, rather than being overloaded with every topic in one day.

15. Peepso


Many bloggers have already switched from Bloglovin to Peepso, and we intend to do the same. This social networking site, which is similar to Bloglovin with a few modifications, has grown in popularity over the last year. You can still locate and follow your favorite blogs, but the important thing to remember is that you don’t have to rely on them for success since it also allows you to generate money from your blog if you want to. The UI isn’t as user-friendly as Bloglovin’s, which may put off users who are inexperienced with more complicated social networking networks. We do, however, like the concept of interacting with my blogging friends and colleagues without having to worry about spamming them with links to my pieces.

Final Words

So, if you’re not satisfied with Bloglovin, which is doubtful considering how well-rated and popular the network is in the blogging industry, you have plenty of other alternatives. You can use any of the platforms listed above to access their services. We hope this information was useful to you. Keep an eye on the site for more amazing content!

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