Top 5 Best Firm Mattress You Can Buy In 2023

Frustrated by that sinking sensation? The best firm mattress can give support and comfort to individuals who are having difficulty sleeping on a bed that is a little too squashy. Mattresses are frequently marketed as “soft” or “plush.” However, we’ve discovered that firmer mattresses are more comfortable for many people.

According to our mattress testing, a firm mattress feel typically indicates better support and less sinkage, which might assist those who weigh more than 230 pounds. Our testing team’s back and stomach sleepers also prefer best firm mattress that support their midsections and relieve pressure spots along their spines.

In fact, sleeping on a best firm mattress may be beneficial in some circumstances. If you sink too deeply into your mattress, your weight will be distributed unevenly, and you may not receive adequate support in all the proper areas. Back discomfort might result as a result of this.

Of course, whether a firm mattress is ideal for you will be determined by a variety of circumstances, including your weight and sleeping position. With this in mind, we’ve put up a buying guide that answers some of the most common queries about mattresses. Below is our selection of the best firm mattresses available right now.

How to choose your best mattress

Before diving into our evaluations, consider what is most important to you when searching for best firm mattress. It’s a very personal decision, but it’s critical to choose the correct one. Consider your sleeping position, body type, preferred feel, budget, and any special requirements, such as temperature regulation and motion isolation from our sleeping companion. More information on how to pick your best firm mattress — and how to navigate through the seemingly limitless alternatives — can be found at the conclusion of this guide.

Top 5 Best Firm Mattresses You Can Buy In 2023

Checkout top 5 Best Firm Mattresses You Can Buy In 2023. Take a look please:

1. Brook + Wilde Elite

Brook + Wilde Elite

Price: From £999 | Buy now from Brook + Wilde

Best Features: eight-layer construction (washable top cover, memory foam protection, thermo-regulating op layer, 2,500 small pocket springs, ‘wave technology’ support foam, 1,000 135mm pocket springs, support base, non-slip base); sizes range from single to super-king. Money-back guarantee for the first 100 nights.

Brook + Wilde’s unique selling feature is the option of firmness when buying a mattress. All of the brand’s hybrid mattresses, from the Lux to the Perla, are available in soft, medium, and firm varieties, allowing you to select based on your own tastes. As the only bed-in-a-box business that allows you to select a ‘firm’ option, it would be foolish not to include one of its mattresses in this roundup.

When we tested the Elite in medium firmness, we discovered that it was one of the best mattresses for side sleepers, providing exceptional comfort and support. We haven’t tried the firm version of the best firm mattress, but based on our experiences with the medium, we believe it will be better suited to front and back sleepers in particular. You can, of course, check out any of Brook + Wilde’s mattresses for yourself, owing to the brand’s 100-night comfort trial, which allows you to return your mattress for a full refund if you are not satisfied.

2. Simba Hybrid Pro

Simba Hybrid Pro

Price: From £1,159 | Buy now from Simba

Best Features: hybrid seven-layer (breathable “sleep surface”, wool upper layer, open-cell Simba-Pure foam layer, two microspring layers, high-definition Simba-Pure with edge support, zoned Simba-Pure support base); sizes range from single to super-king. Money-back guarantee for 365 days

The Simba Hybrid Pro is another excellent hybrid mattbest firm mattress, if you can afford it. It falls somewhere in the center of the brand’s lineup of hybrid mattresses, between the basic Hybrid and the Hybrid Luxe, for £1,499 in a king size (when not reduced).

Two layers of micro-pocket springs, three layers of foam, and a top wool comfort layer comprise the Hybrid Pro. We found it to be really comfy and supportive, regardless of your sleeping position, when we tested it. Simba states it has a medium-firm feel on the hardness scale, which we tend to agree with.

3. Eve Original

Eve Original

Price: From £449 | Buy now from Eve

Best Features: Memory foam three-layer (‘evecomfort’ foam layer, memory foam layer, foundation foam layer with anti-slip coating); sizes range from single to super-king. Money-back guarantee for 365 days

While many memory foam mattresses might make you feel like you’re resting on a giant sponge, the Eve Original mattress has very little “sinkage.” This makes it an excellent all-foam choice for individuals who like a firmer mattress.

When we tested the Eve Original, we gave it a firmness rating of 7 to 7.5 out of 10. Indeed, of all the memory foam mattresses we’ve tried, this is possibly the firmest and is best suited to front and back sleepers. However, you have plenty of time to put it to the test. Eve has extended its best firm mattress  trial period to 365 nights, a feature previously available exclusively from competitor Nectar.

4. Otty Original Hybrid mattress

Otty Original Hybrid mattress

Price: From £750 | Buy now from Otty

Best Features: Foam/pocket spring hybrid (50mm high-density foam, 2,000 140mm pocket springs, 30mm reflex foam, 30mm memory foam); Sizes range from single to emperor (also available in EU sizes). 100-night trial period, 10-year warranty

Although the Otty Original Hybrid’s price has progressively grown since we initially tested it (it now costs £1,100 in a king size), if you want a firmer feel, it is still one of the best bed-in-a-box mattresses you can purchase.

While the Otty Original Hybrid’s name may not be as well-known as Emma or Simba, it is one of the best hybrids we’ve tried (along with the Simba Hybrid Pro, which is highlighted below). Built with 2,000 full-size pocket springs (140mm) and many layers of foam, it provides amazing levels of comfort and support while also keeping you cooler than many of its competitors.

5. Silentnight Studio Original

Silentnight Studio Original

Price: From £378 | Buy now from Mattress Online

Best Features: four-layer construction (anti-allergy cover, ‘geltex’ gel-infused foam layer, middle foam layer, and ‘Studio Flex’ memory foam base). Sizes range from single to king. Sleep experiment for 60 nights

The all-foam Original from Silentnight’s Studio collection is one of the most reasonably priced memory foam mattresses we’ve tested. It costs £400 in a single (£600 in a double and £700 in a king size), which is less than identical mattresses from Emma, Nectar, and Eve (without any special discounts). Despite testing the Original on a bed with spring slats, which normally makes your mattress seem less firm, we found it to be on the firmer side of medium (as indicated).

When compared to many of its bed-in-a-box competitors, it’s a supportive foam mattress that won’t break the budget. The negative is that Silentnight’s 60-night trial, which allows you to exchange your mattress for another if you’re not satisfied, pales in comparison to the longer trials and money-back guarantees given by the other firms on our list.


To shop successfully, you must separate the true benefits of a mattress from the marketing jargon. In our mattress buying guide, we teach you how to assess whether a mattress will provide adequate support and pressure relief for your body, what size best firm mattress to buy, when to buy, and what questions to ask the salesman (or live-chat attendant) to establish if a mattress is durable.

What you should know about mattress types?

Should you get an online-only foam mattress or a more typical innerspring best firm mattress ? What about a “hybrid” vehicle? So, how about latex? We dissect the advantages and drawbacks of what’s within that veiled rectangle in our mattress primer so you can pick the bed that’s appropriate for you.

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