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Choosing the best headphones for kids is critical since using the wrong ones might cause long-term hearing impairment. Best kids headphones with microphone are an essential piece of technology for parents since no one wants to hear Spongebob for more than ten minutes or be exposed to either blam-blam action gaming or Alvin the Chipmunk’s high-pitched wail. And perhaps we can listen to something else while the kids are entertained on the internet, tablet, phone, or television.

A good set of best kids headphones with microphone is even more necessary these days with remote learning and homeschooling, and seek out pairs with a microphone for virtual classroom engagement. Another fantastic reason to invest in kid-specific headphones is for use on long-haul flights or lengthy train journeys—well, really any length of travel. Getting your child to watch a handful of movies on a tedious flight is a great plus for parents. The problem is that aircraft headphones for kids  aren’t built for little heads and frequently fall off. That is not something that these best kids headphones with microphone should do.

However, placing adult headphones on your child’s head may harm their hearing. More information about best kids headphones with microphone use may be found below our list of favorites. Consider fit, comfort, and design, but restrict the length of time a youngster wears headphones for kids, regardless of volume. Each model was evaluated for sound quality, volume limits, comfort, and safety. Many auditory health organizations recommend a maximum noise level of 85 decibels (dB), and we feel that best kids headphones with microphone should not be any louder than that.

Best Kids Headphones In 2023

We’ve tried and reviewed a pair of best kids headphones that employ bone-conduction technology, which means no sound enters the ear at all. These best headphones for kids rely on vibrations in the bones of the skull and mouth to deliver sound. As a result, sound skips the eardrum and travels directly to the inner ear.


1. iClever TransNova BTH16

iClever TransNova BTH16
Best Prices Today: $39.99 at Amazon
The iClever TransNova (BTH16) Kids Wireless best kids headphones provide good value for money, have an exceptional battery life for Bluetooth headphones, are light and comfy with an adjustable headband, and have colorful LEDs and different removable plates for the earcups. For a set of headphones for kids in this price category, the sound quality is excellent (with a tendency toward bassiness), and the volume is limited to 85 dB, which sounded rather loud in our tests. We tested quieter, but our helpful child testers often complained about them, so if you can trust your child not to wear these at full volume for hours on end, you should be OK.
After completely charging the headphones, pairing through Bluetooth 5.0 was simple, and they also come with a detachable wire for those occasions when you forget to charge them beforehand. The earpiece has basic functions like play, stop, next/previous track, answer/end phone calls, and Siri activation. Turn on the colorful LEDs on each earpiece to drain the battery faster or to seem like the coolest kid at the party.
With the click of a button, you can turn them back on. They fold into a tiny and sturdy form to fit in the tough yet colorful travel or storage container, although how robust they are depends entirely on your child! You can save some money by purchasing the BTH12 or BTH03, but the newer BTH16 has nearly double the battery life and interesting extras.

2. ONANOFF BuddyPhones School+

ONANOFF BuddyPhones School+
Best Prices Today: $29.99 at Amazon
These best kids headphones are designed for homeschooling and remote learning, with a quality boom microphone incorporated into the BuddyJackCable, which also enables the addition of a second headset to the same source. If you don’t require the microphone, it also comes with a mic-less cable. The audio quality is excellent for both the wearer and the listener.
The kid-safe volume limiter (85 dB) works well and isn’t too loud or too quiet, and it has great passive noise cancellation. The over-ear headphones for kids are adjustable and pleasant, and they come with a slew of stickers for personalization. Colors range from blue, pink, and green to yellow, and a carry bag is provided. Because the headphones aren’t wireless, you’ll need an adaptor if you have a current phone or tablet that has a headphone jack.

3. ONANOFF BuddyPhones Cosmos+

ONANOFF BuddyPhones Cosmos+

Best Prices Today: $99.99 at Amazon
The excellent wireless Cosmos+ sound as good as any set of best kids headphones we’ve heard, and they come with everything you need, including a detachable boom microphone for video conversations. The increased audio quality is due to the superb active noise cancellation. Toddler Mode is set to an ear-protecting 75 dB, Kids Mode is set to 85 dB, and Travel Mode is set to 94 dB to filter out background noise. If at all possible, stay on the lower floors. Study Mode separates voices from surrounding noises, resulting in crisper vocals for online learning. The Cosmos+ are comfy and ideal for all heads, save the youngest.
The audio settings are simple to use, and pairing is straightforward. They come with a durable travel case and charge through USB-C rather than the fussy microUSB. If the 24-hour battery runs out, there’s a separate audio cord to use if you wish to use them wired. The childish and rather gender-specific outer earpiece graphics turned us off, but there are plenty of color options, including Cool Blue (DJ graphics), Rose Pink (Princess), Sun Yellow (Lion), Grey Matter (Scientist), Deep Blue (Pirate), and Snow White (Unicorn).

4. Puro Sound BT2200 Plus

Puro Sound BT2200 Plus
Best Prices Today: $119.00 at Amazon
While many kids’ headphones are fairly plastic-y, the Puro Sound Labs BT2200 headphones for kids appear more like a high-end adult audio device, and the price reflects this. These are a significant upgrade over the majority of the cheaper headphones listed here. The BT2200 was one of our best kids headphones, and the BT2200 Plus is an upgrade. You don’t merely gain a more elegant, less childlike appearance. Even when utilizing Bluetooth, the audio quality of these headphones is substantially better. If you’ve had too many wires destroyed by a youngster pulling them around or if you’re concerned about the cable wrapping around a little neck, wireless headphones are ideal. The volume is limited to 85 dBA, which we found to be more than adequate.
The electronics actively monitor volume levels via DSP-based volume limiting, with the limiter kicking in only when the sound hits 85 dBA. These headphones go beyond simply limiting the volume. They also reduce background noise, attenuating 83 percent of 1 kHz sound. This eliminates the need to crank them up to unsafe levels, even in a loud setting like an airplane. Outside noise is also reduced thanks to the comfy ear cushions. Depending on your preferences, you may choose between on-ear and over-ear cushions. The ear cups and headband are composed of strong aluminum, while the ear cushion and band cover are made of protein leather. They come in black, blue, green, purple, teal, and pink.
Because these headphones use Bluetooth, they must be charged, and the “up to 20 hours” of battery life should be sufficient for most travels. Instead of the fussy microUSB that is frequently seen on kids’ headphones, they charge using a USB-C cord. If the battery runs out, a detachable cord is supplied. The volume controls are on the left earpiece. The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Plus headphones for kids are more expensive than other kids headphones, but their superior audio quality, build quality, and wireless functionality make them genuine competitors for our top spot.

5. Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet
Best Prices Today: $139.00 at Amazon
Puro also makes the PuroQuiet best kids headphones, which are a cut above the majority of the cheaper headphones reviewed here. They are not only volume-limited (to the usual 85 dB) but also provide active noise cancellation (up to 22 dB). Simply flip the ANC switch on the right ear cup to filter out background noise and greatly increase audio quality. On the left cup, there are volume controls as well as an on/off switch. The volume was somewhat louder than on some of the other headphones, but not overly so.
If you can trust your youngster not to keep turning up the volume, you should be OK. The PuroQuiet eliminates the need for a cable, lowering the danger of damage through entanglement. The wireless pairing was straightforward. If you forget to charge the headphones (through the accompanying microUSB connection), a detachable cord and a beautiful travel case are available to safeguard them while not in use. PuroQuiet, which is available in very gender-specific blue and pink, is at the higher end of the pricing spectrum, but deservedly so for its exceptional build quality. In comparison to some of the cheaper plastic sets, these headphones appear to be well-made. If you can afford it, you will receive your money’s worth.

6. PuroBasics – Best wired kids headphones

PuroBasics – Best wired kids headphones
Best Prices Today: $29.00 at Amazon
Puro Labs has numerous different kinds of best kids headphones, including the PuroBasic, which we assume is the entry-level model for this reputable company. The sound is adequate for a low-cost pair of headphones. The volume is limited—not so much that you can’t hear anything (a typical complaint), but just enough that these are very loud. They are lightweight and adaptable, featuring vegan leather ear cups and a lightweight, flexible plastic frame. PuroBasic are wired headphones (with a 3.5mm port), so you’ll need an adaptor to use them with a phone or tablet that doesn’t have a headphone socket. They come in red, blue, pink, and green.

7. myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite

myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite

Best Prices Today: $79.90 at Amazon

MyFirst’s BC Wireless Lite are another pair of Bluetooth open-ear headphones for kids that use bone-conduction technology to transfer music via the cheekbones. Because of this ingenious technology, you are not shooting noise into your child’s eardrum, and kids may listen to music while being more awake outside than when their ears are covered by cans. The sound is quite fantastic given that you are listening to vibrations via your bones as opposed to having the song delivered directly to your ears.

They lack some bass, like other similar headphones, but they operate and sound acceptable for kids. They also come with a microphone. They are comfy, but if your youngster is used to using over-ear headphones, they may take some getting used to. They are quite light at 26g. They come with a USB-C charging cord (no microUSB! ), earplugs, and stickers. In the United States, it is available both directly and through Amazon; however, UK delivery raises the price.

8. Snuggly Rascals

Snuggly Rascals
Best Prices Today: $19.99 at Amazon

Snuggly Rascals over-ear children’s headphones are an example of a product that attempts something new. These wrap around the child’s head and are Velcro-adjustable. It will even keep little children’s ears toasty, and it will not slide off or break as readily as standard headphones. They’re quite comfy, and the flat speakers can’t be felt through the cloth.

Even through the fleece and a child’s long hair, the sound quality was superb. Although the maximum decibel level is indicated as 85 dB, it is really towards the softer end of the auditory spectrum, which will suit many parents who are concerned about the hearing of their kids. The speakers may be removed and the headband washed separately. There are several amazing designs to choose from, including a monster, unicorn, plane, giraffe, penguin, piggy, chicken, and cat.

9. ONANOFF BuddyPhones Play+

ONANOFF BuddyPhones Play+
Best Prices Today: $49.99 at Amazon

Onanoff manufactures a wide line of best kids headphones, with the Play+ distinguishing itself for its outstanding manual controls. These Bluetooth wireless headphones are simple to pair and have a volume limit of 85 dB. They go even farther, with a softer 75 dB restriction in Toddler Mode for very young hearing and a little louder 94 dB limit in Travel Mode. There’s also a Study Mode, which improves spoken speech for online learning but is also wonderful for audiobooks.

They are lightweight, adjustable, and collapsible, and they come with a little storage bag. The audio quality is headphones for kids, and they have side-mounted controls for volume, pause/play, back and forward, and other functions. A microphone is included. When the battery runs out, you may connect an audio wire. For charging, a matching USB-C cable is supplied. Courses are available in gray, light and dark blue, yellow, and pink. There are even a few stickers available to customize the earphones.

10. Puro JuniorJams

Puro JuniorJams
Best Prices Today: $79.00 at Amazon
The JuniorJams are at the lower end of the Puro Sound Labs wireless line. PuroBasic wired headphones are a great way to save money on Puro headphones for kids. These wireless, lightweight, foldable on-ear best kids headphones include volume limiting (to 85 dB) and look just as attractive as their more expensive brothers, the BT2200 and PuroQuiet. The sound quality is excellent—possibly the best we’ve heard on a kid’s product—and both gadgets look and feel high-grade. However, we discovered that the maximum level was significantly greater than the others tested here—this may be a good thing since some people find the volume limiters too low, but these headphones can go louder than we’d want on our heads, let alone a child’s.
As a result, you must trust your child not to turn up the volume when you are not around, especially for the very young. A connection is available to connect two headsets, which may then be shared through Bluetooth with a single phone or other music-playing device. If the batteries run out of energy for wireless play—which Puro estimates takes 22 hours—that cord may also be used to connect to a phone (with a headphone port or adaptor, of course). To play music, answer or reject calls, and adjust the volume, control buttons are situated at the bottom of the right ear cup. They come with a sturdy, plush carrying case as well as all of the necessary cords for connecting and charging.

11. JLab Audio Jbuddies – Affordable wireless kids headphones

JLab Audio Jbuddies
Best Prices Today: $24.99 at Amazon
The JLab Audio JBuddies are high-quality wireless kids headphones with an 85 dB volume restriction. They are comfy and fold to conserve room and keep them secure when not in use. They are more appropriate for children aged 8 and up, and the design is gender and age neutral. The audio quality is adequate for the price. Bluetooth is fantastic since it eliminates any chord safety concerns, but you must remember to keep them charged because they do not come with a detachable cable for wired listening (unlike some of the others reviewed here). The battery life is advertised to be 13 hours, which is plenty for long-haul travel; however, we’d encourage some sleep instead! One problem was that the instructions did not sufficiently explain the “automatic” Bluetooth connection—the trick is to press the power button for 30 seconds or so till it flashes blue and red.

12. JVC HA-KD5 Tiny Phones

JVC HA-KD5 Tiny Phones
Best Prices Today: $14.18 at Amazon
The JVC Tiny Phones (HA-KD5) are well-made and have soft cushioning that is pleasant and prevents noise leakage. The headband is large and appears to be sturdy. They come in two bright colors (pink/purple and yellow/blue), with apparent girl and boy options. They are intended for children ages 4 and up.
They would, once again, grow to accommodate most (even adult) skulls. The volume limitation (85 dB) works well—it’s somewhat louder than the Griffin MyPhones but far more tolerable than the others on test. The cord is 0.8m long, which is enough for laptop, tablet, or phone use but may necessitate the use of an extension for TV watching. The opportunity to customize the JVC best kids headphones is an added plus.
The youngster may personalize the headphones for kids with the included stickers, which include letters and drawings. We tested the purple/pink combination, and the stickers featured hearts, wands, teddies, and bunnies—I’m hoping the blue/yellow pair comes with fewer cutesy stickers! To be honest, you could place any old sticker on these or any of the other best kids headphones under consideration here, but it’s a gimmick that will appeal to some parents—and most kids! The JVC HA-KD5 tiny phones impressed us. They’re not too little and should fit most kids’ skulls; however, the name may turn off some parents.

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