Top 10 Best Live Chat Software Tools Free 2023

It’s simple to improve the customer experience and quickly handle support queries with the help of reliable best live chat software tools. A website chat feature is becoming a necessity for many firms as customers look for more convenient methods to contact them.

You’re missing out on a simple opportunity to establish rapport with website visitors and win their loyalty with excellent customer service if you’re not using best live chat software tools. Live chat is no longer a choice; it’s a need when you consider that more than half of customers prefer to use it rather than phoning a company for help. In fact, 41% of users anticipate finding live chat on websites free.

Let’s look at a few reasons why your company needs to add live chat to your website free before we get into the list. In order to compile a list of the best live chat software tools or websites that are both economical and feature-rich, we examined some of the best live chat software tools for websites free now available.

Customers may communicate, or “chat,” in real-time with support workers or sales representatives while they are on your website thanks to a service called live chat software. Through a chat window that businesses use, staff members and customers can instantly communicate with one another. Live chat technologies interact with sales software like Sales Hub and CRM platforms. These native integrations provide a single source of truth for your sales organization’s customer information by keeping all contact information, discussions, transcripts, and data in one place.

Who needs to use live chat?

Using live chat, businesses of all sizes and shapes can expand. Ecommerce stores, B2B businesses, SaaS providers, and start-ups may all communicate with their consumers and increase conversions by using webchat software. The capacity to have real-time conversations with website visitors is what makes live chat so beneficial. It’s comparable to assigning a specific customer service representative to each of your visitors. Even the smallest teams can provide excellent web chat experiences for clients thanks to automated chat bots.

10 Best Live Chat Software Tools 2023

Checkout top 10 best live chat software tools for websites free in 2023, Take a look please:

1. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs ChatAll of your chat discussions can be done on one platform with ProProfs Chat, a live chat software product. Through personalized greetings and announcements, you can actively engage your customers, manage numerous channels and domains, and accelerate sales. You can add a free live chat feature and provide immediate help to the majority of your preferred e-commerce and content management system apps thanks to ProProfs’ more than 50 connectors. This is one of the best live chat software tools free in 2023.

Features of ProProfs Chat:

  • Greeting guests with a pop-up chat invitation
  • Create your own operator greetings.
  • Add live chat to several different websites.
  • Connecting to a customer relationship tool will allow you to save all of your chat history.
  • Leads on CRM platforms are kept.
  • Create chatbots for continuous automation.
  • Make a support package using ProProf applications.
  • Track countless chats and see summary reports.

ProProfs Chat Pricing:

The Essentials package for ProfProfs Chat is $29.99 per month when invoiced annually. You may get in touch with them about business plans by visiting the pricing section of their website.

2. LiveChat


One of the earliest live chat software programs is LiveChat, and this fact can be seen in the degree of sophistication of the program. It has a great range of characteristics and is strong and powerful. LiveChat interacts with more than 170 additional technologies and offers thorough information on team productivity and customer satisfaction.Of course, there are the expected features as well, such as pre-written replies, automated messages, chat ratings, and more. However, LiveChat also enables you to send users cards that contain images, buttons, or even carousels of cards.

Features of LiveChat:

  • Check the text that your consumers are inputting before they click “Send.”
  • To give your discussions context, tag them (and use those tags to filter reports).
  • Filters may be used to locate old chats quickly.
  • When necessary, agents can collaborate and switch between chats.
  • Make the chat widget stand out on your website by using eye-catchers.
  • Add chat boosters to enable customers to perform tasks without interacting with your crew.

LiveChat Pricing:

When paid annually, LiveChat’s price begins at $20 per month per agent.

3. Crisp

Crisp chatbot

A live chat software program with many capabilities is called Crisp, and it is located in France. Every customer communication is collected in a team inbox, making it simple for any team member to jump in. Similar to Drift, Crisp enables you to swiftly get prospects into your marketing funnel by sending them automated communications. Live translation is one of our favorite aspects of Crisp. With this feature, you can translate conversations that are happening in real time, responding to visitors in your native tongue while having those responses automatically translated into their language.

Features of Crisp:

  • Create complex chatbot scenarios to streamline the onboarding of new customers.
  • Directly from the chat widget, share documents, pictures, and files.
  • Connect social networks like Twitter and Messenger to the Crisp Live Chat.
  • Utilize GIFs and videos to create intimate and contemporary conversational experiences.
  • Users may use our live chat to instantly access help articles and solve problems.

Crisp Pricing:

A free two-seat package is available from Crisp. Paid plans begin at $25 per month per website.

4. HelpCrunch


A live chat option is part of the all-inclusive customer service platform, HelpCrunch. Although it provides a variety of customer service tools, live chat is unquestionably the software’s primary focus. It provides a programmable chat widget in addition to the typical live chat functionality you might anticipate, such as chat ratings, file sharing, pre-written replies, etc. Additionally, you can use the HelpCrunch app on your mobile device to assist customers wherever you are. This is one of the best live chat software tools free in 2023.

Features of HelpCrunch:

  • Check the text that your consumers are inputting before they click “Send.”
  • Send visitors’ chat ratings automatically once a conversation is over.
  • To expedite help, share files with your customers.
  • Control customer communications across all channels from a single location.
  • View visitor behavioral and personal information (such as the last page).
  • Send chat logs immediately following the conclusion of a conversation.

HelpCrunch Pricing:

There are two price categories for HelpCrunch: live chat and live chat + emails. When invoiced annually, the Live Chat plan starts at $12 per month per user (Live Chat + Emails starts at $20 per month per user).

5. EBI.AI chatbot

EBI. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a platform that seeks to automate routine tasks and boost the profitability of your company. The platform is handled by professionals with at least 20 years of expertise who can do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t even need to go deeply into AI.EBI.AI can assist you in resolving 85% of your issues right away. You may have a live AI helper on any of your devices in a matter of minutes. You may obtain information on what your audience wants to see and how to improve your services in less than two weeks.

Features of EBI.AI:

  • Chat on a number of channels whenever and wherever you choose.
  • daily review of professional analysis
  • Manage and brand the replies from your AI assistant.
  • Integrate your AI assistant with other enterprise platforms.
  • Your chat window should include widgets.
  • Use any service for AI.

EBI.AI Pricing:

EBI.AI doesn’t make its prices available. However, if you visit their website and click “Get Started” on their “Our Platform” page, you can get the first two weeks for free. On their webpage, you can also schedule a demo.

6. Help Scout

Another comprehensive solution with a strong feature set is Help Scout. In addition to a help bot that gathers emails in place of the usual chat form, it offers scripted replies, tags, and private team notes. Additionally, you can use Help Scout to send visitors specific messaging campaigns based on their data.Users of Help Scout may take advantage of a fantastic self-service option thanks to its integrated knowledge base. Users can select “Ask” (live chat) or “Answer” (knowledge base) choices on the chat widget. This is one of the best live chat software tools free in 2023.

Features of Help Scout:

  • Utilize a shared inbox to manage all of your email, chat, and phone conversations.
  • To prevent wasting time, see who else is viewing or responding in real-time.
  • To see all the information you need about the user, use the sidebar.
  • From a single inbox, you can manage your phone, email, and chat discussions.
  • Send messages in response to one or more predefined circumstances.

Scout Pricing:

Prices for Help Scout begin at $20 per month per user when paid yearly.

7. Intercom

intercom chat

Intercom is an all-purpose customer communication platform designed with sales in mind. It may be used to direct leads to your sales team (or certain salespeople), carry on email correspondence, or target visitors based on their browsing habits. As massively sophisticated customer support software, Intercom’s live chat widget also includes a knowledge library, chatbot, news connections, and more.Intercom may assist with lead generation and conversion, onboarding, customer engagement and retention, and self-service alternatives. This is one of the best live chat software tools free in 2023.

Features of an intercom:

  • Automatically distribute support and sales requests to the appropriate teams and coworkers.
  • Use custom bots to automatically qualify, prioritize, and route leads around the clock.
  • Provide real-time responses to 33% of the most frequent queries and 24/7 support with Resolution Bot.
  • With the help of automation, proactive self-service, and a collaborative inbox, you can provide real-time assistance at scale.
  • Utilize guided experiences to introduce customers to your product.
  • Welcome potential customers to your website and link them right away to sales.

Intercom Pricing:

The monthly cost of the Start plan is $74. For things like advanced lead generation, advanced customer engagement, and advanced support automation, you’ll have to spend more.

8. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

In 2007, Zendesk launched as a ticketing system; subsequently, after buying Zopim, it introduced a live chat function. Despite the fact that its live chat functionality often feels a little restricted, it does have all the standard chat capabilities you’d expect to find (such as chat routing, tags, scripted replies, etc.) as well as features aimed at help desk solutions.A Zendesk Enterprise subscription is required to follow the reports on customer satisfaction, website statistics, and agent performance in real time.

Features of Zendesk Chat:

  • Send customer messages that are targeted and behavior-based.
  • Before beginning a chat, use pre-chat forms to get visitors’ contact information.
  • Keep track of website visitors and the pages they are seeing. Collect feedback from chat by evaluating your performance.
  • Use chatbots to automate simple, time-consuming chores.

 Zendesk Chat Pricing:

A restricted free plan is available from Zendesk. Paid plans begin at $19 per agent per month.

9. Olark

Olark is a dependable live chat software option with a straightforward philosophy. It has pre-written replies, chat widgets, automated messages, and a live visitor list, so you can know who is visiting your website and actively engage with them. Although Olark’s customization options are somewhat limited, you can use attention-getters to draw visitors in and obtain statistics on the effectiveness of your team and customer satisfaction levels. This is one of the best live chat software tools free in 2023.

Features of Olark:

  • Automating live chat is easy to set up.
  • Real-time, comprehensive live chat reports with full access to your entire transcript archive
  • Before a chat starts, use custom chatbox forms to gather information from your visitors.
  • Engage anyone who is visiting your website in dialogue.
  • Using visitor co-browsing, give customers a personalized experience for purchases, shopping, support, and other tasks.

Olark Pricing:

When invoiced for a year, Olark pricing starts at $29 per month per agent.

10. Tidio

One of the free live chat software options on our list is Tidio. You may add up to three agents to your account, and it interfaces with Facebook Messenger and email. Additionally, it provides email forwarding, customer profiles, and canned responses. Basic trigger-based chatbot scenarios to interact with visitors and pre-qualify them are also included in the free plan.Tidio also has enhanced visitor notifications and live visitor monitoring, allowing your agents to react to action as it occurs on your site. This is one of the best live chat software tools free in 2023.

Features of Tidio:

  • Whenever you need to provide customer service, use browsers, desktops, and mobile apps.
  • Create a chat widget that reflects your brand.
  • View in real-time who is visiting your website.
  • AI-powered chatbots

Tidio Pricing:

Tidio provides a no-cost plan. Paid packages begin at $19 per month.

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