Top 10 Best Money Making Apps Online in 2023

Best money making apps have recently been a hot issue; many financial consultants advise their customers to diversify their income sources in order to build their wealth and be prepared for economic downturns. People are using best money making apps to supplement their income while many nations face the possibility of a protracted recession and inflation rates are still high in the majority of affluent nations.

Many of best money making apps, such as Swagbucks or Honeygain, are fantastic ways to make little amounts of money to pay everyday expenses, while others, such as Upwork and Fiverr, may take the place of full-time employment. The top apps to make money online are discussed in this post.

Through PayPal, you may get direct payment, obtain free gift cards to your preferred stores, or get cash back on all your transactions. Businesses are prepared to pay you if you help them gain new app users. It can’t hurt to earn a little additional money while you’re on your phone if you’re going to use it for hours every day. So checkout the list of best money making apps online in this may 2023.

Best Money Making Apps Online in 2023

These days, you can choose from a wide variety of best money making apps, each of which has a certain function. We have organized the apps into the following categories to make it easier for you to choose the best apps to make money. These best money making apps that let you make money by merely responding to inquiries about various goods, services, and other things.

You can be required by some to take part in conversations in groups. These applications connect you with clients that provide part-time jobs or temporary contracts. They could consist of delivery apps to make money, ride-hailing apps, and freelance sites. They pay more, but they also demand more work. Money making apps provide rewards for the goods you buy or discount coupons for products. You may sell goods using these applications from the convenience of your home. You may make small investments with these best money making apps and get modest returns.

1. SurveyJunkie


One of the most popular ways to get additional money is to provide firms with feedback on their goods (or services!). Businesses may communicate with clients using apps like SurveyJunkie to gather insightful feedback and adjust their services as necessary. Numerous businesses from a wide range of sectors are searching for volunteers to provide feedback on everything from the latest toothpaste or hairbrush to the customer service at your neighborhood grocery store. For a few minutes of your time answering questions, the compensation won’t make you a billionaire, but it can assist you in covering little bills. Additionally, you may share your online activity with SurveyJunkie in exchange for a reward. Your online actions, such as your searches and purchases, are among the data they gather.

Download SurveyJunkie

2. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Google also created a survey site that pays you for providing your views. It’s a quick and simple method to earn some additional money and pay for some of your everyday costs. The feedback forms on Google Opinion Rewards were created by market researchers seeking a varied audience. Make money through Google Opinion Rewards. This app is considered in the best money making apps online in 2023.

Earn With Google Opinion Rewards

3. Upwork


A website for freelancing called Upwork links clients with gig workers. You can get compensated for working on a contract basis if you possess talents in graphic design, copy writing, coding, consulting, or any other expertise that is monetizable. Due to the vast clientele, it’s one of the best applications for freelancers to earn money. Clients may submit evaluations about the freelancers they worked with and gauge how attractive you are as a worker.

Download Upwork

4. Swagbucks


You may find odd jobs that pay practically immediately on Swagbucks. On your phone, you can do online surveys, play games, and earn money. There are thousands of offers with a variety of incentives, some of which are location-based. Nevertheless, you may work odd jobs on this site and make enough money to meet your daily costs. This app is considered in the best money making apps online in 2023.

Download Swagbucks

5. OfferUp


OfferUp is a platform for customer-to-customer selling where you may locate items to buy in your neighborhood or clients who would purchase your used goods. It resembles Facebook Marketplace, where you can browse ads from your neighbors and purchase furniture, gadgets, clothing, and a variety of other items. If you’re seeking excellent deals or want to sell anything, OfferUp features a superior mobile app that is easy to use.

Download OfferUp

6. Fiverr


Another well-known freelancing website and money-making app is called Fiverr. It mostly provides temporary contract work, but there are also long-term networking possibilities and associations with customers that last for months or even years. It’s challenging to provide an accurate estimate because your compensation may vary depending on your experience and skill set. However, with a variety of contracts and jobs, freelancers may earn enough money to sustain themselves.

Download Fiverr

7. Instacart Shoppers

Instacart Shoppers

It’s a terrific opportunity to make some extra money doing errands by using Instacart Shopper. You may get paid to shop for groceries for people who need the service when you use the app. You may have a flexible schedule and weekly pay with Instacart Shopper. The majority of jobs pay between $7 and $20 per hour. Of course, depending on how many orders you receive each day, this number may change. Additionally, you may expect a 5% tip from clients that utilize the service. If you need money right away, you may use Instacart Cashout to pay out and make withdrawals. Alternately, you can choose to withdraw money weekly via direct deposit.

Download Instacart Shoppers

8. Uber


Among the finest apps to make money while driving is Uber. It is particularly noteworthy for its ease of access and practicality on evenings out. However, a great app for those who own cars to start a side business where they can start driving people and making money is available. You can select to drive after your usual work hours or at a different time using the app. You may make more money, whether it’s late at night or during rush hour, since Uber pays its drivers more for the extra work. This app is considered in the best money making apps online in 2023.

Sign Up With Uber

9. iBotta


One of the greatest applications for earning money from your purchases, both offline and online, is iBotta. But before you can use the app’s cashback scheme, you must complete a few small activities to unlock items in place of discounts. After purchasing the item, you must upload the receipt to receive a discount. According to iBotta, frequent members receive an average of $30 in rewards each month. This app is considered in the best money making apps online in 2023.

Download iBotta

10. Honeygain


The Internet-sharing app Honeygain is available for free download on mobile devices. It rewards users for the traffic they share; for every 10GB, you receive $3. If users wish to earn even more money, they may increase their profits by utilizing unique features, participating in social media competitions, or using Honeygain’s referral program. 10% of the daily profits from your referral will be given to you as a permanent bonus. In addition, Honeygain encrypts the bandwidth you share with the app to improve security.

Download Honeygain


Numerous mobile applications provide rs3 money making apps alternatives that may result in you having a larger wallet or even options for freelancing. There are many blogs about the most lucrative options for everyone if they’re interested in having an online income source. Find the best approach to making money online for your situation by weighing your possibilities.


What Is the Price of a Money Making App?

The majority of best money making apps are free to download and use. Users fees, which are often subtracted from earnings, may be charged by some. If you come across a money making app that charges a fee, do your homework to ensure its validity before purchasing.

Do real and safe best money making apps exist?

The majority of money-making applications only provide tiny sums of money in return for performing easy tasks like completing surveys, viewing movies, or making purchases. A plethora of information about how companies pay and safeguard customers will be readily available for legitimate applications as well. Do your homework on the firm if you have doubts about a money making app. Read customer reviews online or in the app store before submitting personal information. An app is most likely a scam if it sounds too wonderful to be true.

What about money making apps?

You can use an app on your smartphone to make money. There are several simple-to-use best money making apps available that reward users for completing things like viewing movies, conducting surveys, and shopping. Although you won’t become wealthy, you can quickly increase your income.

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