Top 10 Best Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming

There are some of the best Spotify alternatives available right now. Without a doubt, Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming sites. It has grown in popularity because its programs are simple to use and can be used on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile apps (even on defunct operating systems like the Windows Phone or BlackBerry), Smart TVs, and even video gaming consoles.

Spotify has approximately 40 million songs in its catalog, which is constantly increasing. It also boasts a slew of unique features, including tailored playlists, artist-specific radios, podcasts, social network integration, interactive playlists, and more. This makes it an excellent pick in best Spotify alternatives for those who value variety and simplicity of usage.

However, it is vital to know that there are best Spotify alternatives worth investigating. Because the free version of Spotify has significant limitations and new competitors are releasing greater features at lower rates, many customers are driven to less well-known services that better fit their demands.

If you’re considering making the move, here’s a list of the best Spotify alternatives. The best Spotify alternatives are listed below.

Why Should You Look for Spotify Alternatives?

Despite the fact that Spotify is a popular and extensively utilized music streaming service, there are a few reasons why someone would wish to look for another one. Here are some of the reasons:

Cost: Spotify includes a free version with commercials and other limitations, but you must pay a monthly charge to access it without ads and with additional features. Some users may believe that Spotify’s premium subscription is too pricey and would like to experiment with other platforms that provide comparable features for less money.

Music Catalogue: Spotify offers a massive music library with millions of tracks, although some artists or songs may be missing. Some users may be seeking platforms with larger music archives in their preferred genres or specialty categories.

User interface: Each music streaming platform has its own unique user interface and overall user experience. Some consumers may find Spotify’s interface bewildering, while others may prefer the look and functionality of alternative platforms that better suit their interests.

10 Best Spotify Alternatives 2023

The following is a list of best Spotify alternatives that have offered individuals reasons to have a cheerful and nice time. They may now construct a customized list with simple elements that will make their experience more enjoyable.

1. Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is the first Spotify alternative on the list. Spotify now offers a vast song library with over 80 million songs, whereas Apple Music has a considerably greater variety with 100 million tunes. You may download your playlists for offline listening, just as on Spotify. Apple Music also allows users to follow playlists made by other users. Apple Music’s subscription cost is virtually identical to Spotify’s. Apple Music still lacks a collaborative playlist, as does Spotify.


  • The largest song library from artists in the music streaming sector
  • Spotify users enjoy fresh artist and music suggestions.
  • Most Apple goods come with a free 6-month membership.


  • There is no free plan with ads like Spotify.
  • There is no collaborative playlist in which two users can contribute music.

Download Apple Music

2. YouTube Music

YouTube Music

Another worthwhile Spotify option is YouTube Music. YouTube has recently improved their YouTube Music service, and their music suggestions are now equivalent to Spotify. Along with large music labels, many independent creators upload high-quality music to YouTube, which may be listened to via the YouTube Music app. The YouTube music app allows you to watch music videos. YouTube Music uses Google’s powerful AI to recommend new songs, albums, and playlists to users.

Get a monthly membership to YouTube Music for roughly $9.99, which includes ad-free music as well as the ability to turn off the phone’s screen when listening to music. You may obtain free YouTube music by subscribing to YouTube Premium. The premium family plans make them very affordable to utilize. This app is considered in the best in the best Spotify alternatives in 2023.


  • Play music videos from YouTube while the screen is turned off.
  • Artists’ official pages feature live performances and concerts.
  • Many high-quality covers and remixes from various people


  • Many songs’ lyrics are not always available.
  • Because of erroneous categorization, certain music videos are not played.

Download YouTube Music

3. Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music is considered as underappreciated best Spotify alternatives. Prime Music, like Spotify and Apple Music, features a large variety of tunes from many genres. Amazon’s music streaming service is included with Prime membership, which also includes Prime Video. You will also receive additional rewards when buying on As a result, the music streaming service with 100 million songs is basically free for you. It is in addition to the 15 million podcast episodes that may be listened to on the go.


  • Free for Amazon Prime members: There are no additional fees for the service.
  • High-quality audio recordings at a greater bitrate for all users
  • Integration with smart speakers is seamless. Alexa-exclusive features bring important functionality.


  • The stream does not support high-resolution audio.
  • You can’t make audio stations for your favorite musicians.

Download Amazon Prime



Jay-Z’s Tidal is a music streaming service that requires a membership. If you’re an audiophile like me who enjoys high-fidelity music, a program like Spotify is a must-have. This site takes pleasure in providing the highest quality music accessible online. Aside from the audio, they have handpicked music-based writing that the community enjoys. Tidal has launched a free tier plan that gives access to 80 million songs. You get unlimited skips, which is unusual in the free music streaming industry. The free plan has a maximum sound quality of 160 Kbps and an ad interruption every 12–15 minutes. This app is considered in the best in the best Spotify alternatives in 2023.


  • High-fidelity audio, with the option of a high-resolution audio tier
  • Backstage access, performances, and live broadcasts are all available.
  • Music-focused podcasts from industry pioneers


  • Significantly more expensive than the competition
  • The free plan does not include High-quality music.

Download Tidal

5. Soundcloud


Soundcloud is a famous audio streaming website that features recordings from independent artists. This renowned music streaming service has a massive catalog of over 150 million tracks. Soundcloud is the only site where you can listen to remixes, beats, remakes, and EDM made by independent artists and new musicians. Unlike other best Spotify alternatives, Soundcloud is fully free to use, and the vast majority of Soundcloud authors enable free downloads. SoundCloud has a simple and easy-to-use interface and provides consistent streaming speed without buffering.


  • Comment on a song and communicate with other listeners.
  • Using the Waveform function, you can determine the most often heard section of a song.
  • You may use the service to upload your mixtapes and tunes.


  • Because most user-uploaded content is not tested for bitrate requirements, the sound quality varies.
  • Unlike other audio streaming services, no songs have lyrics.

Download SoundCloud

6. JioSaavn


JioSaavn was formed after the acquisition of Saavn by Asian telecom giant Jio. It is another option worth considering if you want to sample an Indian music library. JioSaavn, like Spotify, has a simplified and user-friendly interface. With JioSaavn Radio, you can listen to music for every mood, song, or artist. Saavn is one of the few best Spotify alternatives that provides high-quality audio downloads at 320 kbps. JioSaavn Pro offers cheaper subscription costs than Spotify. Overall, Saavn is an excellent substitute for Spotify when it comes to streaming Indian material.


  • An easy-to-use online player for listening to music on your computer, complete with a search bar.
  • Telugu, Gujarati, Odia, and other languages are represented in the music.
  • Radio stations tailored to your listening habits


  • In India and other countries of South Asia, you may listen to free tunes. A membership is required to take it around the world.
  • There is no dark mode on the web player.

Download Saavn

7. Gaana Music

Gaana Music

Gaana Music is similar to Spotify, but it concentrates on the South Asian region. Ganna Music, in addition to 30 million Bollywood and English songs, also functions as a full-fledged FM radio station. Ganna is one of several music streaming services that includes lyrics with each song. When you upgrade to Ganna Music Plus, you may download an unlimited number of tracks for offline listening and sync downloads across five devices. Gaana, like Spotify, has a dark look and a music collection that is refreshed daily. This app is considered in the best in the best Spotify alternatives in 2023.


  • Songs in more than 16 languages, including Bhojpuri
  • Curated playlists spanning genres depending on emotions and circumstances
  • For simplicity of usage, the app interface is available in 21 Indian languages.


  • There will be no audio streaming without a membership.
  • Non-Indian musicians’ most recent tracks take longer to appear on the app.

Download Ganna

8. Pandora

pandora music

Pandora is a free Spotify alternative. This popular music-streaming website allows users to choose their favorite genres or musicians, and Pandora then recommends playlists based on their preferences. Pandora is fully free to use, but a $5 monthly membership allows you to skip songs and removes bothersome commercials. The free plan requires you to view video advertising in order to access some playlists on the platform. This app is considered in the best in the best Spotify alternatives in 2023. Pandora is now exclusively available in the United States owing to licensing limitations. It was formerly available in New Zealand and Australia.


  • Commentary on the albums and songs is insightful.
  • Users may construct their own Pandora Stations based on certain songs, performers, or categories.
  • On the free options, you get unlimited audio streaming with the usual advertisements.


  • The service is presently only available in the United States.
  • Video advertisements for accessing certain personalized playlists

Download Pandora

9. iHeartRadio


iHeartRadio is not like your typical audio streaming service. Unlike Spotify, you cannot simply select a song but must instead listen to a radio station that features the artist or genre. Begin by giving iHeartRadio a thumbs up or thumbs down to help it understand your music preferences. This app is considered in the best in the best Spotify alternatives in 2023.

As you rate more songs, the radio will become more adept at playing the music you enjoy. Then you may utilize the Discover Tuner to limit the quantity of unfamiliar music that is played on your station. It is possible to set it to Family, Mixed, or Less acquainted. The latter is an alternative for populating your playlist with independent and non-mainstream tunes. You can skip six songs on a station before hearing the complete playlist. You may also change stations to get the skips back.


  • Free access to 15 million songs and 1500 US radio stations
  • Curated musicians play the best tunes for various circumstances.
  • Users may enjoy an ad-free experience on personalized stations.


  • There are no controls on the service to pause, rewind, or record.
  • Inadequate high-resolution audio

Download iHeartRadio

10. Hungama Music

Hungama Music

Hungama Music offers free music listening. For streaming audio, you do not need to log in. The online player, like JioSaavn, allows you to listen to music. Ads appear every 15–20 minutes of music streaming, which is the industry norm. Hungama Music allows you to download songs for free without creating an account. It also allows you to make and share playlists, like songs, and do other things without creating an account. You may always log in with your Hungama account or with your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.

The free plan provides standard-quality audio (without specifying the bitrate), but the paying Hungama Gold plan provides 320 Kbps audio tracks. Music videos have their own tab in Hungama Music’s 30 million song catalog. On the app, you can search for them and download them to see them without needing to connect to the internet. This app is considered in the best in the best Spotify alternatives in 2023.


  • Download tracks from the app without creating an account or subscribing to a service.
  • Play music and videos from the local storage on your device.
  • There are no video ads in the free plan. Even after turning off the screen, you may still listen to music.


  • The audio bitrate is limited to 320 kbps, which may be unappealing to some.
  • Because there are no lyrics for the songs, your sing-along plans will have to be postponed.

Download Hungama App

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