10 Best Typeform Alternatives 2023 (Free & Paid)

Are you looking for alternatives to Typeform? See what Voice of the Customer Typeform customers thought about while making a shopping choice. Potential buyers assess competence in categories such as evaluation and contracting, integration and deployment, service and support, and particular product capabilities when comparing alternative solutions.

The software has various flaws, including its high price, difficult UI, and restricted reporting features. Despite the fact that there are various Typeform alternatives accessible, determining the best solution might be difficult.

To make things easier, we produced this comparison list with the 10 best tools for making the proper choice. Pick the features and best use cases for each of these tools to pick the best software for your firm.

What is a typeform?

TypeForm  is an online survey platform that promises to produce frictionless online forms and surveys that people will love doing. TypeForm captures extensive data, which it then utilizes to precisely determine customer experience and perception, as well as the overall brand reputation. It mostly focuses on producing forms that aren’t dull and that consumers would want to fill out. Its monthly fees begin at $25.


  • There is a built-in photo and video library, as well as custom layouts to pick from.
  • For new users, it is simple to set up and utilize.
  • Capability to design engaging and informal surveys.
  • It is highly designed for mobile devices, tablets, and browsers, and it can present surveys on all platforms with ease.
  • The ability to collect client demographics in order to better understand their purchasing behavior
  • Users may create unique user flows and remove extraneous questions.
  • It creates a better user experience in order to accelerate growth.
  • Developing positioning strategies based on customer perception and trends

Best Alternatives to Typeform

If you’re looking for best Typeform Alternatives, these are the best overall choices. All of these options offer comparable functionality to Typeform. Consider the following:

1. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms
Formidable Forms is a powerful form builder that makes it simple to create forms. It’s also the best option for constructing conversational forms. For starters, Formidable may be used to build surveys, quizzes, contact forms, and virtually every other type of form conceivable. It also includes a plethora of templates to help you build your form faster than you can read this phrase. With the flick of a button, you can change any of your web forms into a discussion form. Conversation elements in Formidable make your forms stand out, whether they are online surveys, payment forms, or basic contact forms. However, you are not required to keep things simple. You can take your forms to the next level with conditional logic. As a result, you may generate follow-up questions depending on the prior response of the user. This means more involvement and, as a result, more engagement.


  • A straightforward drag-and-drop builder
  • Any form may be converted to a conversational form.
  • Form entries can be exported to PDF.
  • 100+ templates for digital signature fields to get you started


  • The premium plans at Formidable begin at $39.50 per year.

2. WPForms

WPForms, like Formidable Forms, is an online form builder for WordPress websites. There are several form templates for diverse circumstances, including contact, payment, and survey forms, among others. However, you came here looking for a WordPress Typeform alternative. WPForms also works well with conversational forms. Furthermore, the forms are entirely responsive. As a result, whether they’re seeing it on a desktop or a mobile device, your conversational form will look excellent. There’s a reason WPForms is one of the most popular WordPress form-building plugins.


  • There are several pre-built templates.
  • Design that is responsive
  • There are several payment connections.
  • Management of notifications and entries


  • The premium plans at WPForm begin at $39.50 per year.

3. Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms
Gravity Forms works in the same way as WPForms and Formidable Forms do. However, it has its own set of unique features that users may employ. Conversational forms are one of its main add-ons, making it a good Typeform alternative. It also contains a drag-and-drop function to make form creation simple. So you can create, edit, and show your form right from WordPress! Gravity Forms is a well-known plugin that is a great alternative to Typeform.


  • Builder with drag-and-drop functionality
  • The conversion of conversational forms is simple.
  • Advanced personalization
  • Convert entries to PDF format.


  • The premium plans for Gravity Forms begin at $59 per year.

4. SurveyMonkey

One of the most well-known survey alternatives is SurveyMonkey. Its software also allows you to simply design customized conversational forms. To test their software with the free edition, create surveys with up to 10 questions. If you want to go beyond that, you’ll have to pay. It’s also worth noting that SurveyMonkey does not directly connect with WordPress. To display your SurveyMonkey forms on WordPress, you must embed them.


  • Effective survey generation
  • Encryption that is GDPR-compliant
  • Free surveys (unless you have a paid subscription)
  • WordPress forms may be embedded.


SurveyMonkey offers a free plan, but it is somewhat limited. Its premium options begin at $16 per month for an individual plan with annual billing.

5. Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms

Conversational forms from Fluent Forms are regularly one of the most popular Typeform alternatives. The best part is that conversational forms are available with the free Fluent Forms plugin! As a result, we rank it as the best “free” Typeform alternative. It does, however, hide several elements in the premium version that you’ll need to take your forms to the next level. For example, if you want conditional logic in your conversational forms, you’ll have to purchase their premium plugin. Fluent Forms is a terrific alternative to consider, with an easy drag-and-drop builder, rich customization possibilities, and much more.


  • Forms of conversation are free (but limited).
  • Builder with simple drag-and-drop functionality
  • There are several pre-built templates.
  • Options for advanced customization


  • Fluent Forms’ premium plugin costs $59 per year.

6. Jotform

Another popular choice for developing professional-looking online chat forms is Jotform. On your WordPress site, you may use these forms to collect contact information, payments, and survey results. Best of all, no prior coding knowledge is required. Furthermore, one of the biggest advantages of Jotform is the 150+ connectors it provides. Jotform covers everything, whether it’s project management tools, cloud storage, or email marketing.


  • More than 150 data integrations
  • WordPress add-on
  • Form-creation software that is simple to use
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days


  • The premium subscriptions at Jotform start at $34 per month.

7. Paperform

Paperform is another form builder that keeps things simple while producing visually appealing results. Paperform also has a variety of payment form connectors. You may use them to collect memberships, subscriptions, or even contributions. Finally, before you install Paperform, there is something you should be aware of. Integrating with WordPress is difficult, and you must utilize Zapier to do so.


  • Simple form creator
  • There are several payment connections.
  • Syncs with Google and offers a 14-day free trial.


  • Paperform’s plans begin at $24 per month.

8. Formstack

Best Typeform Alternatives
Formstack specializes in (you guessed it) constructing forms! It does, however, handle more than just forms. It also provides you with a lot of options for what to do when you collect the data. Formstack, for example, has a document generator and a signature system, making it simple to manage corporate activities. The best part is that it doesn’t require any codes! As a result, no advanced expertise is required to utilize it. It also easily integrates with WordPress. As a result, no messy setup is required.


  • Tools for various forms (payment, survey, and others)
  • The premium plan includes more tools.
  • WordPress integration is simple.
  • Builder with drag-and-drop functionality


  • Formstack’s monthly subscriptions begin at $59 USD.

9. Cognito Forms

Best Typeform Alternatives
Cognito Forms, as compared to Typeform, provides more complex form-building capabilities, such as advanced computations and conditional logic. As a result, it’s an excellent alternative for building more intricate structures. It also includes multi-page forms and progress indicators for longer surveys, workflow automation tools, and e-commerce payment processing options built in. However, it lacks great interactive and conversational design. Cognito Forms, on the other hand, is a well-known solution that might work for you. It is unquestionably less expensive than Typeform, which is a significant advantage.


  • Conditional logic and advanced computations
  • Forms with many pages and progress bars
  • Automation of workflows for email notifications and third-party connectors
  • Processing payments for e-commerce forms


  • The team plan starts at $24 a month and includes collaboration tools as well as 10,000 submissions per month.

10. Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms
Zoho Forms, like the others on our list, is a terrific form builder for a variety of uses. And, like Typeform, Zoho Forms allows you to construct forms that display one question at a time. Of course, we already know that this can be used to create dynamic and entertaining surveys or quizzes. Will Zoho Forms be useful to you? At this point, we’re very far down the list! If you are working on a web development project, one of the aforementioned solutions may be preferable. However, if you are working on internal forms, Zoho is frequently a good alternative.


  • Integration with Zoho’s range of business tools for easier data management Advanced form customization options for branding and design
  • Workflow automation and approvals for effective form processing
  • Form submissions and user behavior may be tracked using advanced analytics and reporting tools.


  • Although Zoho provides free multi-page forms, the free plan only allows you to publish three forms.


Is there a free Typeform alternative?

There is no perfect “free” substitute for Typeform. Some of the sites on this list include a free form builder with capabilities comparable to Typeform. Unfortunately, none of them provide extensive features in their free plans.

Is there a less expensive version of Typeform?

If you’re seeking a low-cost alternative to Typeform, you can simply find one. One of the factors that makes Typeform costly is the response limit. Although their most basic package includes infinite forms, it only allows for 100 answers each month.

What is the open-source equivalent of Typeform?

If you’re searching for a Typeform replacement, there are a few good open-source possibilities. In this piece, we’ve highlighted the best of them. Although these choices aren’t horrible, don’t expect to be able to simply create quizzes or landing pages with them.

If you are not a developer, we recommend that you select one of the choices below! Many hurdles await you if you lack coding ability, such as collecting form data through Google Analytics and modifying the visual appearance of your forms.

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