Best 13 Beta Character AI Alternatives & Competitors

Character AI cannot be NSFW. While there are techniques to circumvent the Character AI NSFW filter, doing so requires a large expenditure of time and effort. As a result, many people are actively searching for the finest Character.AI options without NSFW filters to match their individual demands.

Recently, “Beta Character AI Bots” became very popular among users in a very short period of time. So if you’re also seeking “Sites Like without NSFW Filter” or “Beta.Character.AI Alternatives”, then you have arrived at exactly the ideal location. But what if you are seeking an alternative to reddit character ai nsfw.

This post attempts to analyze the Best reddit character ai nsfw  Alternative possibilities accessible to individuals who need a chatbot experience comparable to Character.AI but with better customization and freedom. One such platform is NovelAI, which has emerged as a potential option.

Character AI: An Overview

Character AI is a website where you can build and talk with AI characters. Founded by two former Google workers who worked on LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications), Beta Character AI leverages its own trained language model, separating it from platforms like ChatGPT that rely on the OpenAI API.

  • Customizable Characters and Interactions: Character AI allows users to design characters with varied personalities, backgrounds, and hobbies. You can also interact with characters developed by other users or by the Character AI team.
  • Popular Characters: Some popular characters on Character.AI are Billie Eilish, Super Mario, Loki, and Elon Musk. The site also includes educational chatbots like Hyperglot for language learning, Socrates, and a history instructor.
  • Use Cases: Reddit character ai nsfw  serves several functions beyond informal discussion. It may aid with creative work such as creating tales, brainstorming ideas, and even rudimentary coding. The platform’s adaptability offers role-playing situations, entertainment engagements, emotional support talks, and instructional encounters.

Best Character AI Alternatives

Here is the best alternative to Character AI: We’ll break this into free and NSFW!

1. NovalAI


NovalAI, like Beta Character AI, allows users to build and interact with AI characters. It has a user-friendly design and includes pre-defined characters, making it excellent for fiction writing and brainstorming. Additionally, NovelAI contains text-adventure games where players may control the story’s ending through their choices and actions. With NovelAI, users may explore existing characters, settings, and narratives or create their own.

The platform enables collaborative writing, with the AI functioning as a co-author, delivering ideas and recommendations that users may edit and enhance according to their style and vision. Furthermore, NovelAI’s picture-generating capability permits users to make graphics based on their word inputs, adding an extra level to storytelling. Notably, NovelAI distinguishes itself by its clear user interface, integration of AI picture production, and relative absence of content filters.

2. Kobold.AI


KoboldAI has the flexibility of serving as a frontend for running AI models locally with the KoboldAI Client. Alternatively, users can leverage Google Colab or KoboldAI Lite to employ certain AI models without the necessity for local execution. Notably, KoboldAI stands out among free alternatives owing to its vast variety of capabilities, including multiplayer functionality, which is a unique offering in this industry.

When leveraging Google Colab, the accessible models are limited to fine-tuned versions of GPT-NeoX. On the other hand, the models accessible via KoboldAI Lite depend on the contributions offered by volunteers. It is vital to remember that executing AI models locally using KoboldAI is only available on PCs. However, both Google Colab and KoboldAI Lite perform perfectly on both PC and mobile platforms.

3. Chai.AI


Chai is an application in the form of a chatbot that bears a similarity to CharacterAI. It leverages GPT-J 6B as its underlying AI model and gives access to Fairseq-13B for users at the $30 tier. Users have the opportunity to develop and customize chatbots for interesting chats. However, it should be noted that free users have limits on usage, including the display of advertisements while beginning new chats.

The quantity of messages free users may send during a certain time period changes unexpectedly, and the reset time for message restrictions is also uneven. For instance, message limitations can range from 30 to 70 messages, with reset times extending from one hour to many hours. Notably, only user inputs contribute to the message count, whereas numerous attempts at the AI’s output from a single input are tallied as a single message.

4. ChatF.AI


ChatFAI is an AI chatbot program that shares similarities with Chai regarding its feature set and revenue strategy. It provides equivalent capabilities to Chai, including a free tier with a monthly limit of 100 messages and support for up to four ongoing chats. In addition to the free tier, ChatFAI has three subscription alternatives.

All subscription tiers in ChatFAI allow users to create custom characters. The Basic subscription gives a monthly message limit of 1500 and enables up to 10 active conversations. The Premium subscription gives a greater message capacity of 5,000 per month and enables up to 25 active conversations. Lastly, the Deluxe package allows limitless usage and accommodates up to 50 ongoing conversations. This is best Chracter Ai Alternative

What makes ChatFAI unique from Chai is its employment of substantially bigger AI models. While the precise models have not been given by the developer, they have said that they deploy AI models with over 100 billion parameters. In principle, this should result in high-quality output from the chatbot.

5. Sudowrite


Sudowrite is a writing helper powered by GPT-3 Davinci and falls under the category of AI writing tools. Unlike many other GPT-3 Davinci programs, Sudowrite stands out since it does not enforce extensive censorship, but it does have some filters in place. These filters are primarily meant to prevent astroturfing and the introduction of sexually explicit content involving kids, guaranteeing a safer user experience. However, it’s crucial to remember that the installation of the latter filter is quite new, so there is a risk of rare false positives. This is best beta Character ai chat bot in 2023.

The application provides three subscription tiers: “Hobby & Student,” “Professional,” and “Max.” These levels allow users to create 30,000, 90,000, and 300,000 words each month, respectively. Sudowrite does come with a higher price tag compared to other solutions in this market sector. The application does contain several remarkable capabilities, such as idea generation, text summary, text rewording, story feedback generation, plot twist recommendations, and item descriptions. Additionally, SudoWrite has the power to create numerous outputs simultaneously.

6. Holo.AI


HoloAI is a software tool that operates a handpicked collection of AI models over a user-friendly online interface. Privacy issues have been thoroughly handled, and saving and loading functionalities are encrypted. In terms of functionality, it shares parallels with NovelAI since it allows users access to different models.

However, users at the $5 and $8 levels are limited to a fine-tuned version of GPT-J-6B, while those paying $12 per month have access to a fine-tuned version of GPT-NeoX and the base Fairseq-13B model. Regarding cost, HoloAI gives two payment options: subscription or a-la-carte. A membership costs $5 per month for 500,000 characters or $8 per month for unlimited characters. Additionally, customers may take advantage of a free trial that allows them to test the service with 8000 characters before committing to a purchase. This is best beta Character ai chat bot in 2023.

It is also possible to purchase 40,000 more characters for $1. Every account contains a memory capacity of 2048 tokens and access to text-to-speech features. As previously indicated, users at the $12 per month tier get access to the base Fairseq-13B model and fine-tuned versions of GPT-NeoX.

7. Dreamily.AI


Dreamily is a writing helper designated as a mobile app, which sets it apart as the lone AI writing program on this list with specialized mobile capabilities. While the particular AI model it employs remains hidden, a developer has indicated that it used a smaller model compared to GPT-Neo 1.3B. However, it’s worth mentioning that this information could be old, as it was provided more than a year ago. Nevertheless, viewing it as a free option, the outputs from Dreamily look fairly excellent.

In addition to its secret AI model, Dreamily offers a selection of fine-tuned models for consumers to pick from and leverages a multi-output generation strategy. Furthermore, it enables the capacity to train bespoke models, but this feature is currently limited in its reach. Overall, Dreamily offers itself as a credible choice in the writing assistant arena, notably owing to its availability as a mobile app and the quality of its outputs, given its status as a free alternative.

8. Hi,Waifu


Hi, Waifu is the ultimate customizable robot chat app that allows you to participate in chats with AI-powered characters and tailor your digital human according to your tastes! You have the ability to engage in conversations with a varied spectrum of AI characters, including actual people and your cherished fictitious personas. Additionally, you may boost your relationships by exchanging images with your AI friends, adding an element of amusement to your conversations. But that’s not all! This program goes beyond that by enabling you to conduct bot-to-bot chat wars, where you may challenge your friends to construct the most powerful AI. For now, this is accessible on iPhone and Android, and it’s free. This is best beta Character ai chat bot in 2023.

9. Poe

Poe ai

Poe, built by Quora, is an AI chatbot application that utilizes several AI models from OpenAI and Anthropic. While its outputs are typically good, it should be emphasized that the content is subject to heavy restrictions.

10. Tavern.AI


TavernAI is an open-source initiative that gives access to several public AI models, such as Kobold and Pygmalion. It may be run locally on a PC or through Google Colab, giving a speedy and generally high-quality experience. TavernAI is currently accessible exclusively on PC.

11. Pygmalion.AI


Pygmalion belongs to the chatbot genre and was particularly built as an unconstrained alternative to programs like CharacterAI and ChatGPT. Its primary objective is to operate as a chatbot. In general, the Pygmalion AI models indicate an acceptable performance level. Additionally, they are compatible with systems such as KoboldAI and TavernAI. Please note that the previously available Pygmalion Google Colab is no longer accessible. However, there are alternate approaches to leveraging Pygmalion models without local execution. These alternatives include the KoboldAI Google Colab, KoboldAI Lite, the Oobabooga Google Colab, and AgnAIstic.

12. ChatGPT Jailbreak

ChatGPT Jailbreak

On the other hand, it entails overcoming OpenAI’s filters through creative prompt engineering, allowing for a greater range of subjects and character consistency. This is best beta Character ai chat bot in 2023.

13. SpicyChat


Spicy Chat will be an excellent alternative. It’s free, Easy to join, and has no restrictions, but it has a lot of difficulties because it’s presently in the development phase and is operating on Pygmalion 7b.

How to circumvent the Character AI NSFW filter?

If, alternatively, you’re wanting to continue utilizing Character.AI but want to get past the NSFW filter, there are a few easy strategies that you might apply. You might begin by speaking in your usual manner. Do not engage in explicit roleplay right away, but first use parenthesis to speak with the AI as if you were talking to a person simulating the character.


Considering its complete capabilities, user-friendly design, and ability to deliver an open and unconstrained experience, Novel AI is the best recommendation to replace Character AI. By training its own writing models, NovelAI assures independence from OpenAI’s API and gives consumers a rich and personalized chatbot experience.

In conclusion, consumers unsatisfied with Character AI’s content filters and server capacity have numerous feasible options. NovelAI, with its broad capabilities and absence of content controls, emerges as the ideal solution for consumers seeking a more open and personalized AI character interaction experience.


1. Are these character.AI options safe to use?

Yes, these Beta character AI options stress user safety and privacy. However, it’s crucial to stick to the restrictions and rules given by each site to guarantee a good and secure experience.

2. Can I personalize the virtual personalities in these AI alternatives?

In most cases, these AI alternatives give customization possibilities to tailor the virtual characters according to your tastes. However, exact customization features may differ depending on the platform.

3. How can these character AI options handle NSFW content responsibly?

Platforms like ChatFAI and PygmalionAI contain consent and responsible usage restrictions to guarantee that NSFW content is addressed within ethical norms. They promote user well-being and try to establish a safe place for candid talks.

4. Are these Beta character AI options acceptable for minors?

No, these character AI replacements are meant for adult users due to the presence of NSFW information. It’s crucial to utilize them appropriately and ensure that they are accessed by people who satisfy the age restrictions.

5. Can I swap between virtual personalities inside these AI alternatives?

Yes, most Beta character AI alternatives allow customers to swap between multiple virtual personalities to diversify their chatbot experience. This feature promotes interaction and gives a greater selection of conversational alternatives.

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