12 Best Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

Instagram profile picture downloader tools are used most commonly these days for social media influencers. You cannot download other users’ profile images on Instagram. Because Instagram is a social media platform and must protect its users’ privacy, perhaps this is not the right move in Instagram’s eyes.

How can I download Instagram profile picture? What is the size of Instagram full profile picture? However, some users are dissatisfied with Instagram’s privacy feature and want to download the profile pictures of other users; as a result, many Instagram profile picture downloaders were created.
These Instagram profile picture downloader websites might be of use to you if you fall into this category and wish to download a user’s profile picture secretly. We have already done the research and identified the top Instagram profile picture downloader tools in this area for you, saving you time and effort.

Best 12 Instagram Profile Picture Downloader

The fact that these Instagram profile picture downloader tools are free is interesting. Isn’t it awesome? Discover the specialized list of the top free Instagram DP downloaders right away. They are all trustworthy and fully secure.

1. Inflact

A fantastic tool for private Instagram profile viewer photographs of any user, including those who have blocked you or have private accounts, is Inflact. The finest feature of this program is how simple it is to use despite its high level of sophistication. All you need to do is copy the user’s profile URL and put it into the site’s search box. I’m done now. You may examine an image’s original size if it is small by enlarging it. You may see and download Instagram reels in addition to profile images.

2. is the perfect tool if you want to examine an Instagram profile picture in its entirety. It will display the full size of the profile picture, no matter how little or huge it is. The tool’s functioning is identical to that of the earlier one. On this Instagram profile picture downloader website, you must provide a profile URL in order to see the image. It is a perfectly safe website, so if security is a concern for you, put that worry to rest as well.

3. iDownloader

If you have tried other Instagram DP viewer websites and had a poor experience, try iDownloader. This Instagram profile picture downloader, which is well-known for its effectiveness and excellent quality, will undoubtedly enable you to see Instagram profile photographs in high resolution. With the aid of this website, you may download reels, videos, and photographs from Instagram in addition to your profile picture. The nicest thing about this website is how simple and light it is to use, making it perfect for mobile access.

4. Toolzu

If you have access to Toolzu, seeing and downloading Instagram profile images is not a tough chore. The website has a very user-friendly layout and enables you to download Instagram media items, including reels, videos, and photos, in addition to profile photographs.The site is entirely free and loads really quickly, despite having so many features. You might obtain an Instagram profile picture from this website in a matter of seconds.

5. Instabig

Instabig is the app to use if you’re wondering how to download Instagram profile images. Simply copy the user’s username URL and enter it into the site’s search bar. You may carefully zoom out the profile picture at this point.On your smartphone, you can also download the picture. You only need to click the download button to achieve that. The utility is available for several uses, all of which are totally free. Above all else, the Instagram profile picture downloader tool protects your anonymity.

6. Howtotechies

Here is another fantastic Instagram profile picture viewer that will make it simple for you to view the profile pictures of other users. With the use of this website, you may view a person’s profile picture even if they have banned you or made their profile hidden. The tool shares the same functionality as other tools in its class. To download the profile picture, all you have to do is put the profile URL into the address bar.

7. SSSGram

SSSGram is the finest option if you’re seeking one of the most user-friendly Instagram profile picture viewers and downloaders that is also one of the safest. It is totally safe to view the profile picture of any Instagram user because the platform upholds complete openness. This Instagram profile picture downloader website’s ability to be used on Android devices makes it special. Given this, you may download it if you want to make the procedure even simpler. Using this online tool, you can download IGTV videos as well.

8. SaveIn

Regardless of whether you both follow one another or not, if you have SaveIn, you can bypass Instagram’s security measures and view any Instagram user’s profile picture. The website’s functioning is comparable to that of its rivals. If you wish to download a picture from Instagram, you must paste the user’s URL and press the download button. However, select the paste link option if all you want to do is look it over. You should not be concerned about the site’s security measures because it is entirely secure.

9. InstaZoom

As its name implies, InstaZoom is a wonderful Instagram profile picture downloader website that enables you to view other users’ profile pictures and, if you want, save them to your device. The fascinating part is how simple all the procedures are. Visiting the relevant profile, copying the URL, and pasting it into the box on this website are all that are required. Your Instagram account will now allow you to browse profile images.

10. Instadownloader

This straightforward website is made to provide you with the full-size profile picture of each Instagram account, and you will enjoy exploring it. The website accomplishes its job well and is entirely free. You can view a user’s profile picture even if they have a private account, since it is compatible with all sorts of accounts. If you wish to save the image to your mobile gallery after putting the URL into the search box, click the download option.

11. AloInstagram

AloInstagram is a well-liked Instagram profile picture downloader that has all the capabilities you would want from a top-notch profile picture viewer. With the use of this program, downloading a user’s profile picture only requires three steps.You must first copy the URL to that profile and then put it into the site’s search box. You must then click the download button. You can use any device, including an Android mobile, to access the website since it has a simple user interface.

12. StoriesIG

Last but not least, StoriesIG, this Instagram profile picture downloader on this list, offers the same features as its rivals. This indicates that in order to see the profile picture, you must input the URL of the relevant profile into the search box. Zoom out of the image if all you want to do is see it in its entirety. I’m done now. Click the download button, though, if you need to save the picture. Additionally, with the aid of the website, you can save Instagram stories, reels, videos, IGTV, and other kinds of videos.


Although Instagram does not explicitly permit it, using one of these Instagram profile picture downloaders makes it simple to view the profile picture of any random user. So go ahead and choose the appropriate tool if you need one.

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