Best Midjourney AI Art Generator: How to use Midjourney prompts

You want to generate Midjourney images but are unsure about how to go about it or what this state-of-the-art AI tool can actually achieve for you. The Internet offers a wealth of inspiration for your next work of art if you know where to look! Welcome to the Midjourney AI universe, where creativity and innovation collide! Creativity has no limitations in this constantly changing world of generative AI. You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve ever needed inspiration for your artistic activities or a stunning image that properly captures your vision.

We’ll go on a trip together to learn the techniques for getting ideas for Midjourney prompts images in this blog article. So buckle up and prepare to explore the fascinating world of AI-generated images; with Midjourney AI, inspiration is only a prompt away. Let’s get started and see how much more your creativity can do!

How can I get ideas to create images for Midjourney AI?

Before beginning to generate images for Midjourney AI, the following are the finest locations to look:

  • Showcase of Midjourney prompts
  • Midjourney Gallery on Reddit
  • platforms for social media that use hashtags
  • Check out the Midjourney Discord channel.
  • ArtStation for Deviant Art

What do they provide, then? Let’s look more closely.

How to write in Midjourney prompts

Instead of using its own website or API, Midjourney prompts instead uses Discord, a service most known for its gamer chat. This makes it uncommon for an AI bot system. It functions remarkably well, though. You will be required to check in using your Discord credentials when you initially create a Midjourney account, so create an account there first. After logging in, select “Join the community” from the Home menu.

Midjourney ai

Up until yesterday, Midjourney AI provided new users with 25 free picture generations. However, the firm has since stopped offering free trials because users were faking convincing images of Donald Trump getting jailed and the Pope sporting a puffer jacket using the AI. Now, only paid accounts will work. Details on the three price tiers, which range from $10 per month to $60 per month, may be found at the conclusion of this article.

Enter your prompt’s wording here:

/imagine text of your prompt here 

It’s a good idea to send your instructions directly to the Midjourney bot rather than utilizing the quickly changing public channels where hundreds of users are working at once, since it’s simpler to keep track of your images.

Midjourney Showcase

Midjourney AI, a large language model (LLM) that can generate images from text descriptions, is used to create images, and users may share and find these images on the community-driven Midjourney AI Showcase website. Users may narrow their search in the gallery by genre, style, and other factors. The collection of images includes anything from lifelike portraiture to fanciful landscapes. Both designers and artists are enthralled by the hypnotic beauty of Midjourney’s images.

Midjourney Showcase is a resource for learning about Midjourney prompts and how to utilize it, in addition to being a platform for sharing images. The gallery has a variety of guides and articles that demonstrate how to use Midjourney to generate images, as well as advice on how to get the most out of the LLM.

Both Midjourney AI users and those interested in the future of AI-generated art can benefit from the Midjourney Showcase. The gallery offers users a place to contribute their own original works of art while showcasing Midjourney’s great potential. Users can comment on each other’s projects in addition to sharing images. This is a fantastic approach to offering criticism and gaining knowledge from other people. To view other people’s most recent creations in your feed, you may follow them.

Midjourney Reddit Gallery

Using Midjourney AI, a large language model (LLM) that can generate images from word prompts, users may share their images on the Midjourney Reddit Gallery subreddit. There are more than 10,000 users on the subreddit, which was founded in February 2023. Users may debate the LLM, upload images they’ve made using Midjourney, and ask questions. The subreddit is a fantastic resource for getting ideas for your own Midjourney AI designs and finding out more information about the LLM.

We advise exploring the Midjourney subreddit in either the “gallery” or “grid” layouts if you’re using a mobile app to access Reddit. I suggest visiting the Midjourney Reddit Gallery if you are curious about Midjourney prompts or want to see what other people are making with the LLM.

Platforms for social media that use hashtags

You may get ideas for creating Midjourney images from social media sites like Twitter, TikTok, and others. Use hashtags like #midjourney to see what other people have shared. When you search for it, the results will look somewhat like this: Midjourney images support a variety of creative tasks with their wide selection of styles and subjects.

Check out the Midjourney Discord channel

Follow the Midjourney Discord channel to see other people’s original works and responses to their prompts. Midjourney images elicit feelings beyond comprehension, from surreal vistas to dystopian cityscapes. Additionally, you may ask others questions to improve your Midjourney AI images.



For artists and art fans, DeviantArt is a social networking site and online art community. Angelo Sotira, Scott Jarkoff, and Matthew Stephens started it in the year 2000. Over 450 million works of art and over 48 million registered users may be found on DeviantArt. Users may submit, share, and comment on artwork on the website, as well as make and join groups, take part in competitions, and interact with other visitors. Along with lessons, galleries of inspiration, and a marketplace where artists can sell their creations, DeviantArt also provides a number of tools and resources for artists.

For digital content producers looking for eye-catching images, midjourney images have become the go-to source.The term “DeviantArt” plays on the word “deviation,” which describes something that deviates from the norm. The site’s emphasis on innovation and uniqueness was reflected in the name selection. Although DeviantArt is a free website, users have the option to pay for a premium membership to access extra features, including the capacity to submit more images, access to only certain material, and the exclusion of advertisements. DeviantArt can be a wonderful option if you’re looking for ideas for creating Midjourney AI images.



ArtStation is a website where artists may promote their work, connect with other artists, and look for employment. Both conventional and digital artists frequent it, and it provides a range of tools to aid in the promotion of artists’ work. The creation of Midjourney AI images starts with carefully constructed prompts that unleash the AI’s creative abilities.

You may use the procedures below to identify images on ArtStation that are connected to AI:

  • Visit the ArtStation website and sign up or log in.
  • Type “AI art,” “generative art,” or “Midjourney AI” into the search bar.
  • A list of AI-related images may be seen by selecting the “Images” option.
  • You can also filter the results by media, method, or style.
  • Click on an image to discover more details about it.

Oh, you’re new to AI and find it all to be too difficult.


What is the Midjourney AI gallery view?

Simply log onto the Midjourney website to see your Midjourney gallery. By default, you will view all of the upscaled images. Grid view is another choice that allows you to see every image you’ve ever made.

Can anyone view my Midjourney Gallery?

Yes, unless you utilize stealth mode, someone who knows your login may locate your gallery. Additionally, other Midjourney users’ search results may contain all of your Midjourney images. Stealth mode, a toggleable feature that stops other people from finding your images on, is available with the Pro plan ($60 per month).

Where can I find every piece I’ve made for Midjourney?

Log in to your Midjourney AI account to see your creations. Alternatively, submitting suggestions using a direct message as opposed to one of the public channels would make it simpler for you to keep track of your images in Discord.

Do images from Midjourney AI have copyrights?

No, General Commercial Terms are included with every paid Midjourney AI subscription. This implies that you are free to use your Midjourney images for any reason, even commercial ones. You are not permitted to claim ownership of any images under the Midjourney license, and the US Copyright Office has ruled that no one is permitted to claim copyright protection for AI-generated images.

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